Italy : Letter from Anarchist Prisoner Mauro from La Spezia Prison

I have now been in custody for sixteen months. October 18th will be twenty months. As I wrote to you on May 23, 2019, the court in the Florence council chamber was to decide whether I was to be tried in an ordinary court or in the Court of Assize.
They also had to decide whether to try me in Florence or Lucca, so they decided that I would have to be tried by the Court of Assise in Lucca, setting the date for October 18, 2019.
In addition, investigations into the fire offense at the Lucca Post Office in 2017 were closed: they set the hearing for January 2020.
The only contesting article in this regard is the art. 424C.P. because it states “for the sole purpose of damaging” the offices of the Italian Post Office. The lawyer was sure that they would have challenged me with the art. 280bis., for it being a state place: it can also happen that when the trial takes place the Public Prosecutor can still request it.

At the moment regarding other crimes for which I will be tried (Art. 270bis. 1 and Art. 270 bis) the lawyer will try to bring the items contested by the Florence Judge to a trial, as sufficient evidence would be lacking.
The court of Florence had to abide by what the PM of Lucca had challenged me with in the precautionary custody, that is, Article 280 bis, the purpose of terrorism of an “anarchist-insurrectionalist” matrix.
What I deduce is that article 270 bis is about “an association,” while article 270 bis is an aggravating circumstance referring to the political matrix (anarcho-insurrectionist) of the facts.
I would not be surprised if the 270bis was disputed against me based on information provided by the DDA about the time the events took part in the investigation together with the Florence prosecutor’s office.
In any case, whether it is 280bis or 270 bis does not change much for me because so much of what I had to do I did because it was done.
And I keep repeating that despite the almost twenty months that have passed, I have no repentance of the acts performed by me and that I claimed.
Here I take the opportunity to express my broadest solidarity with the Spanish insurrectionist anarchist arrested in Italy for the failed assassination attempt.
And I express all my broad solidarity here towards fellow anti-fascist antagonists who tried to break the siege of the police that protected the fascists of “Casa Pound” which happened in Genoa in May 2019.
As always happens, the fascists stand behind the barricades to be protected. As for the rest, they are also protected, not only by the police, but also by the democratic courts and by others.
Genoa was the visual proof that the policemen, who kicked and beat a journalist and were invited to the prosecutor’s office, and no one showed up, enjoy the same impunity.
This proved to be against any right to protest, even against fascism, and in my opinion those who call themselves anti-fascist are thus banned. Thus it is not constitutional, but rather unconstitutional.
The constitution gives its consent to protest only to the fascists in the neighborhoods, giving it a free hand to create racial hatred and hatred among the poor between citizens, for the sole purpose of obtaining consensus for electoral reasons.
Long live the anarchist, revolutionary and internationalist comrades who fight in every part of the world and long live insurrectionary anarchy in this country that defines itself as the cradle of the free world and democracy.
If their democracy means police, armies and batons then I compare them to the fascists.
I am anti-fascist, anti-state and against all repression; I am an antagonist of the extreme left, I am an insurrectionary anarchist, I am a fighter for animal liberation and today I am a political prisoner of this state, but always with my head held high.
Siempre la victoria!
Rossetti Busa Mauro
Spezia, Italy, 03/06/2019
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