Greece, Athens : Solidarity from Steki (anarchist place) of anarchist immigrants to the squat of LIEBIG 34 in Berlin

20/07/19 at  morning 6:30, the police broke into Liebig34 to search evidence and DNA in one room. The reason is an attack with stones against repression cops forces on Friday night. Soon after many riot cops vans and a helicopter arrived, a barricades was burning in Rigaer Street.
After some hours the cops left, no one was arrested.
Solidarity from the squatted Steki of anarchist immigrants(Tsamadou 19, Athens) to Anarcho-Feminist-Queer squat(LIEBIG 34) in Berlin.
Solidaritätsbekundung an den Anarcho-Feministisch-Queeren Squat LIEBIG34 in Berlin vom bsetzten Steki der anarchistischen Geflüchteten in Tsamadou 19, Athen

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