Italy: Op. Panico – Technical considerations about the sentence

Italy: Op. Panico – Technical considerations about the sentence

In essence, much has remained unchanged from the requests of the pm, some of the sentences are even worse.

These are the substantial differences / considerations at a glance:
The qualification of the new year charge as attempted murder did not pass, but was downgraded to serious injuries; however this did not result in much difference in sentencing from that requested. The lethality of the device was still accepted. Giova, Ghespe and Paska were sentenced for the new year, while another accused was acquitted of that charge.
The charge of criminal association passed, but 6 (out of 15) of the “associates” were acquitted. 2 comrades were confirmed “heads” of the association, while the accusation against Giova of having become the new “head” following the two’s arrest after the first wave of precautionary measures, was not accepted.

The gathering in Sollicciano saw the acquittal of all the defendants en bloc, probably because, unlike that of April 25, the prosecution had not managed to get any details of those who organised it. In fact, as can be seen from the convictions for the Sant’Ambrogio demo, those sentenced for unauthorized demonstration are the two people who used the megaphone; for April 25, the two charged while talking about an intervention to be done at the gathering. The other acquittals concern people who were not recognized by witnesses or surveillance cameras at the trial.
As for the convictions, the associated have been given a minimum of 2 years. It would seem that they have come down particularly hard, often above the expectations of prosecutors, for charges related to the events of Melograno.
In any case, we will not know with certainty what passed and what didn’t before the reasons for the sentence are filed. I think it’s obvious, though, that DNA has been fully accepted as incriminating evidence for Ghespe, and that things could hardly have gone worse. On the other hand, the feeling was that this sentence had already been written a long time ago.
Ghespe 9 years
Giova 9 years, 10 months and 15 days
Paska 9 years and 10 months
For all the others, the sentences go from one month to 6 years.

The deadline for filing the reasons is 90 days.

The prison sentences are suspended except for Paska, Geshe and Giova who are already under house arrest.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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