Italy: Update about anarchist Divine Umoru

On Monday, July 15th, at around 1.00 pm the police showed up at the home of anarchist comrade Divine to take him to the police station, where he was notified of an expulsion order signed directly by the minister Matteo Salvini.
Although he had lived in Italy for twenty years and had all the necessary papers for his stay, the judge validated the expulsion measure by appealing to various complaints, including an accusation with the aggravating circumstance of terrorism from which he was acquitted years ago.

On July 16th, deportation in Nigeria was scheduled, but this didn’t happen, also following a decision of the “European Court of Human Rights”. However, the kidnapping of the comrade continued and on July 16th he was imprisoned in the CPR (prison for migrants and people without papers) of Bari, from which, finally, he was released from prison on July 19th.
via: insuscettibilediravvedimento

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