Besancon, France – Sabotage on a CCTV camera, June 2019

With or without the yellow vests movement, power is extending its control by multiplying the installation of video surveillance cameras. The collocation of the State’s technological eyes is studied meticulously according to statistics data provided by municipalities and the forces of order. Sometimes places and positions are changed in order to take us by surprise. Besides wanting to spy on all our gestures at every moment everywhere, the aim of the State and its cops is to discourage all desires of individual and collective revolt as well as that of reassuring the bourgeois, good citizens and shop keepers.
To stroll with one’s eyes wide open in the streets of metropolises is enough to see that these video cameras proliferate in strategic places, areas where offences and criminality are thought to be more prominent (drug-dealing areas, more degradation than elsewhere, etc.)
Since the beginning of the yellow vests movement in Besancon, video cameras have appeared in the squares where the Saturday demonstration is usually held to face the State’s uniformed minions. As demonstrations followed one another, cameras appeared with the aim to punish and entrap more and more insurgents: first at the Chamars crossroad near the prefecture, then at that of Battant road and finally also at a crossroad by Siffert square, very close to the ‘City’, the economic and administrative centre. All these places have been points of clashes and damage on Saturdays… Surveillance cameras have already been targeted during yellow vests demonstrations: in December cameras in Marulaz road, at the professional institute, were hit.
Mid-June, as I was strolling by I noticed that one of the cameras had simply disappeared, as if by magic. It was located in Siffert square. Now only its structure is left, its globe has volatilized.
I don’t know how long ago it was sabotaged, but this small gesture of hostility, which was naturally silenced by cop-journalists who have always been the State and power’s lackeys, might inspire others.
In the face of the proleferation of the State’s eyes, direct action!
Let’s sabotage the society of control and surveillance! 
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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