Athens, Greece: Taking responsibility for the expropriation and arson of a ballot box on 7/7/19

Our ears are humming from the desperate calls of parties and other political actors for participation in the democratic electoral process.
A small group of comrades were moved by the pathetic beggars voting and armed with determination, the will for immediate action, and our sledgehammers we participated in the democratic fiasco. With them we have broken the order of assignment that prevails as regularity and shaped our own terms of attack and sabotage within their fairground.
So we take responsibility for the invasion of the 33rd Athens Election Centre a few minutes before the end of the procedure, where we expropriated a ballot box. At the entrance, we searched for the cops guarding the polling station, but as we found out, they chose to play hide-and-seek (successfully). At the time of leaving, we left a gift to the dead clerks of the parties and voluntary democratic garbage of the electoral committees of a (stolen from the cops) tear gas canister. A few seconds later we delivered the inside of the ballot box to the only fate it deserved: fire.
This action is a warm welcome on our part to Kyriakos Mitsotakis and New Democracy, (right wing political party) who have promised they’ll end us. We are waiting for you…
Ballot box hunters arsonists
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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