Italy ,Turin : CPR in Corso Brunelleschi: yet another escape attempt

Again, again and again
It looks as though we’re back in far off 2011, when escapes and revolts spread in centres for migrants all over the country in the summer heat. Perhaps not for its extension and quantity, but the intensity of what continues to happen in the CPR [temporary residence centre, de facto migrant detention centre] in Turin, not to mention the mass escape at Ponte Galeria at the beginning of July, reminds one of a furore that the state’s cops are having trouble controlling and which also made itself heard last night.
Yet another escape attempt, like a few days ago, occurred at around 7pm and this time it didn’t just involve a few young men in the yellow area but also some in the red area. The fugitives were recaptured, police entered the yellow area and dealt out truncheon blows, breaking a boy’s arm and injuring another’s ankle. But right from the red area a boy managed to conquer freedom; it seems that the guards realized it this morning after the roll call. Still in the morning they carried out searches looking for ropes and other material used to escape.

It seems that in recent weeks prisoners in the CPR have been reviving all the weaponry of instruments of struggle at their disposal. Not only fires and escapes, but two days ago a couple of boys went up on to the roof of their unit to protest against the lack of medical care for a boy who was feeling ill and, for one of the two, to demand an answer to his request for voluntary repatriation. 
The summer is still long, the CPR is still there and the temperature doesn’t seem destined to cool down. The challenge for those who are outside and try to support the prisoners’ struggle is still open.
Here are the videos of yesterday’s escape attempt:
Tentata fuga pt.1
Tentata fuga pt.2
Posted on 22/07/2019 by hurriya
Translated by act for freedom now!

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