Usa,Bloomington ABC: Fire Ant: Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity #4

[PDF for printing]
Fire Ant is a quarterly publication focused on spreading the words of anarchist prisoners and generating material solidarity for our imprisoned friends. Begun as a collaboration between anarchist prisoners and anarchists in Maine, Fire Ant seeks to raise material aid for anarchist prisoners while fostering communication between anarchists on both sides of the walls.
Issue #4 includes writings by anarchist prisoners Michael Kimble (on the state of Alabama prisons), Noah “Kado” Coffin (on racial segregation & summer survival techniques), Thomas Meyer-Falk (in memory of his friend Willi), Sean Swain (on cannibalism), and Eric King (three poems). Additionally: a piece honoring Willem Van Spronsen, a rundown of this year’s June 11th Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners, and a call for August’s International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners. Plus original art by Noah Coffin, Marius Mason, Sean Swain, and Michael Kimble.
Do you run a distro, space, or project that would like copies of Fire Ant? Bloomington ABC will send bulk copies for free to anyone who wishes to distribute it . Please email us at bloomingtonanarchistblackcross (at) riseup (dot) net. (Note: United States only, for now. It may take a few weeks to ship out orders.)
The Fire Ant collective can be contacted at
Fire Ant
PO Box 164
Harmony, ME 04942

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