Athens , exarchia area :Every Hour Rebellion, Every Day Demonstration

Wednesday 31 July 2019, during the riot of Exarchia against the release of the cop who murdered 15 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos, some members of a political group interfered with the continuation of the riot and tried to stop it at Arachovis street.
The same political group, which attacks immigrants for no reason in Exarchia is very clearly trying to control Exarchia square.

We have warned them to stop attacking immigrants for no reason, otherwise they will come face to face with us. They have to stop their activity against riots in Exarchia and they have to stop hiding behind political cover for gang and hooligan activity.
What these groups, which hide behind political cover, are doing is not activity against the mafia but attacking immigrants for no reason.
Very clearly, what these groups are doing is similar to the way that the cops behave against immigrants.
It’s clear to us, if you as an immigrant work for them and they make money out of you, there is no problem with you but if you(as immigrant)don’t collaborate with them, you will get attacked with the excuse of being a criminal.
Steki of anarchist immigrants (Tsamadou 19)
5 August 2019


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