México, México City : Call for action by Féminas Brujas e Insurreccionalistas (F.B.I) [Female witches and insurrectionalists]

“Provocation” and “Illegality” is all action not executed by the State that exceeds its laws and regulations; that’s why the authorities insist on presenting the anarchist war against the system of domination as a “provocation” that seeks to unleash repression. But reality teaches us that repression is here now and is practiced by power on a daily basis either veiled or brutally.
The State continues to exercise the monopoly of violence and is only willing to share it with the groups of so-called “organised crime” with whom they share the same DNA, proving that there is nothing new in your Fourth Transformation. As we have always said: they are the same misogynist dogs now with a rose-coloured collar. Finally, anti-system rage has managed to spread fury to broad fractions of the so-called “feminist movement”, sadly asleep until yesterday afternoon. They have finally understood that pacifism is the most active accomplice of patriarchal power and domination.
We have always expressed that we are feminists.
WE ARE ANARCHISTS and for that we struggle against Patriarchy, not for feminism. We know the feminist ideology and see it every day in ‘action’, occupying seats and public positions preaching about our lives and our bodies to propagate “the feminist Homeland” as a comrade from MORENA declared, forgetting (consequently) that the Homeland is the territory of Patriarchy. Neither Martha Lucia Michel nor Marta Lamas nor Marilú Razo nor any of the feminists of the system (politicals, academics and speakers) represent us. Their reaction against purple and black violence, their amasiatus with Sheimbaum only reinforces their status as opportunists in search of a bone, that’s why they lick the boots and suck the eggs of the President. The best example of their complicity is the hashtag #they don’t represent us, affirming that with anti-systemic violence we tarnish “the defence of women’s rights”, promoting complicit passivity and imposing politically correct behaviour of the “good people”.

We are not People. To be “people” is to delegate our reality as women, our freedom and our autonomy to the Other, is to deny our individuality and our essence.
We are aware that we are at war and we know who our enemies are. We know what we face, just as we know who the allies of the system are and who are our accomplices. We know that others shut up: the presence in national palace of a misogynist sexist fascist, pro-life, ultraconservative and evangelical with which the left has allied in its constant opportunism to “Take power” at any cost. Therefore, we do not ask for justice from our executioners or the impeachment and punishment of their rapist pigs. That would be to distinguish between good and bad police. For us the best cop is the dead one. We do not want dialogue, so we do not put limits on revolt. Our desires for destruction and our craving for freedom won’t get stuck in dream catchers: we’ll be their worst nightmare!
If one day we don’t come home: don’t light candles, light barricades!
!Neither God, nor State, neither Master, nor Husband!
The State-Capital, with AMLO or without AMLO, it is patriarchy that weaves!
!Let’s destroy everything that dominates and conditions us!
!Anarchist solidarity with all the compañeras and compañeros prisoners around the world!
!Against patriarchal civilisation!
!For the control of our lives!
!For the destruction of gender! !For insurrectional anarchist tension!

!For Anarchy!

!Fire to all the existent!

Féminas Brujas e Insurreccionalistas (F.B.I) [Female witches and insurrectionalists]

Mexico City, 17 August 2019

Actforfree received by email  on 18/8/19 , and translated to English

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