North Kurdistan, Turkey : Fascist AKP-MHP regime shaken by countless fire and bomb attacks by revolutionary forces

For three weeks already the offensive of the United Revolutionary Movement of the Peoples HBDH (Turkish: Halkların Birleşik Devrim Hareketi) continues unabated. For weeks now the fascist AKP-MHP regime and its supporters in the whole of Turkey and the occupied Northern Kurdistan have been shaken by endless fire and bomb attacks of the militias and guerrilla forces of the revolutionary alliance.
The United Revolutionary Movement of Peoples was founded on March 12, 2016 and is the front organization of various revolutionary, socialist and communist parties and organizations of Turkey and Kurdistan. In the HBDH the Kurdish Freedom Movement in leadership of the Kurdistan Workers Party PKK unites with the revolutionary left of Turkey to a common front in the struggle against AKP-MHP fascism, for the liberation of the occupied Kurdistan and the establishment of a socialist Turkey.
Simultaneously with the renewed rise of the threats of Turkish fascism against the Democratic Federation of Northeast Syria, the militias and guerrilla units started a new offensive in the heart of Turkish colonialism. In the following some of the past actions are summarized:

Declaration of 30 June
On the 29.06 at 16.00 o’clock, in the district Datca of Muğla, Palamutbükü, a sabotage action against a television station was accomplished. The United Revenge Militia of the Peoples confessed to the action with which a television station was met, which legitimizes fascism with its propaganda of lies. Tourists from home and abroad were warned against using Turkey as a holiday destination. Nobody should travel to the areas used by AKP-MHP fascism as the main source of financing for war and massacres.

Declaration of 02 July

In a statement signed with United Revenge Militia of Peoples, the group confessed to a sabotage action against the Grand Efe Hotel and surrounding hotels in the Özdere region in the Menderes district of Izmir. Two hotels had to be evacuated as a result of the action. The group threatened with further attacks against tourist destinations and called on domestic and foreign tourists to stay away. Otherwise they would have to face the reality and pain of the dirty war. The group called on the oppressed, workers, women and youth to stand against fascism.

Declaration of 27 July

In Istanbul, two luxury yachts were rendered unusable in the Ataköy Marina and the Pendik Marina on July 26, 2019, and one luxury yacht in Izmir, a total of three luxury yachts, by a campaign of the HBDH militias. The action is directed against the bosses, who dismiss the workers, confiscate their salaries and thus build a luxurious life for themselves.
The yachts belong to the class that fill their vaults with money because of the AKP’s plundering policies of war, exploitation, occupation and colonialism. The AKP, the most important partner of the IS, now wants to do what the gangs can’t achieve, and so they rally their troops at the border to Rojava. Every invasion and massacre sparked there will burn itself in Istanbul and Izmir. Those who build a luxurious life through war, occupation and fascism will not be left alone. If even a small child of the oppressed peoples cannot sleep peacefully at night, those who are fed by this war will not be able to lie comfortably in their beds.

Declaration of 30 July

The fire started on 26 July 2019 in the morning hours of the pallet factory in the district Pınarbaşı of the district Bornova in İzmir. The entire production and storage areas of the factory were destroyed by the fire and despite the intervention of the firefighters, the area covered by the flames could not be extinguished. The surrounding factories also had to be evacuated. The HBDH militias committed themselves to the action. The factory they were targeting belongs to a party of the capitalist class supported by the fascist bloc of the AKP-MHP and animated by exploitation and colonialism. The factory, which has been based on the fascist order for 10 years, was burned by us within a few hours. The action was dedicated to the 19-year-old revolutionary Ali Can Vural who became immortal in the AKP-ISIS assassination in Suruc. Furthermore, the militias will carry the greetings of Deniz Gezmis, Mahir Cayans, Ibrahim Kaypakkayas, Mazlum Dogans, the July 14 resistance and Kemal Pirs.
The letter ends with the statement that the common struggle that destroyed the ISIS gangs in Rojava will now destroy the AKP, its system of exploitation and its palace.

Declaration of 30 July

HBDH militias confessed to a fire on a ship in Istanbul’s Ambarli port on 28 July 2019. The sabotage carried out on a cargo ship triggered a fire which rendered the ship completely unusable. The action against the fascist economy paralyzed the port operation for hours. As long as in this country the peoples, workers, women and young people cannot live safely, also those in their palaces should not feel safe.
Alluding to the regime’s invasion preparations against the liberated areas of Rojava, it is said that if their intention is to burn the houses of oppressed peoples with fireballs, the smoke of this fire already rises in the skies of Izmir and Istanbul.

Declaration of 31 July

On July 27, a million-dollar speedboat went up in flames while sailing in Muğla Bodrum District and found his grave in the waters. With the action, the HBDH declared militias would target those classes that enrich the working class every day through war, colonialism and enslavement. The peace they had established through their power is now over. “There is no safe zone for you, the war traders, for those who keep the workers under slave command, for those who are fed by occupation and colonialism and who work as collaborators and agents. Neither your yachts, your inns, nor your palaces will save you from the sure victory of the United Revolution.”

Declaration of 02 August

On 30 July 2019 the HBDH militias carried out a new technology action against the weapons factory Huğlu in Beyşehir, Konya. The fire, which severely damaged the factory and destroyed most of the ammunition, could only be brought under control by the use of two helicopters. The factory has long been known for supporting paramilitary structures of Turkish fascism, such as SADAT, which are responsible for numerous massacres and provocations against the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan. The letter ends with the call to all forces to withdraw their support for the AKP-MHP regime immediately, otherwise they will “no palace, no SADAT and no MIT can save and the revolutionaries of Turkey and Kurdistan will demand the bill for the massacres from them”. The action was carried out in memory of the PKK leaders S. Helmet and S. Sinan Sor, who were murdered with the help of MIT and various collaborators.

Declaration of 03 August

In a written statement, the HBDH militias committed themselves to two attacks on the state’s vehicle stocks. The two depots, which belonged to the Ministry of Justice and where confiscated vehicles were kept, were set on fire in Denizli and Izmir on 30-31 July 2019. As a result, a total of 78 vehicles were destroyed, 36 in Denizli and 42 in Izmir. The letter ends with a quote from the Turkish revolutionary Orhan Yilmazkaza who became immortal on 27 April 2009 in Istanbul, in the fight against the Turkish fascist police after heroic resistance. “We will fall, but those who come after us will continue this struggle in any case.”

Declaration of 04 August

On 1 August 2019, the olive oil factory of the Cem Boyner and Ali families Kürşat in the Ayvalık district of Balıkesir was transformed into ashes in one night. The action caused millions of dollars in damage. With the campaign, supporters and promoters of the occupation operation against Afrin have been taken to the target.
Cem Boyner temporarily took over the chairmanship of TUSIAD, an association of leading Turkish industrialists and the umbrella organisation of the Turkish exploiting class. TUSIAD unconditionally supported the invasion of Afrin in northern Syria and the companies affected profited greatly from Afrin’s brutal plundering. In allusion to HBDH martyrs in Afrin, the letter ends with the statement that “the children with the olive eyes have returned” to “demand the bill one to one.

Declaration of 07 August

The HBDH militia took responsibility for an attack that completely destroyed a chemical factory in the Organized Industrial Zone of the western Turkish city of Denizli on August 4. The declaration states that the blazing fire illuminated the darkness of the night and the United Revolutionary Struggle became the beacon of the peoples in the darkness of AKP-MHP fascism. It is said that the rulers are now feeling the consequences of the hellfire which the peoples of the region, the workers and labourers are experiencing. The writing ends with the prophecy: Whoever sows wind will reap storm.

Declarations of 10 August

On August 10, HBDH militias committed themselves to three actions in memory of comrades Atakan Mahir (PKK/HPG) and Mehmet Ali Kasirga (DKP-BÖG), who died on August 11, 2018 together with 8 other HPG and HBDH guerrillas in Dersim in the fight against Turkish colonialism, in the town of Tuzla near Istanbul.
On August 5th the units of the HBDH militias attacked the area of the infantry school Tuzla including the ammunition storage areas. The fire triggered by the action made it clear to the frightened forces of the state that from now on they would no longer be safe in any place.
On August 6, the Üsküdar Science Center in Tuzla was attacked and the fire partially destroyed the building. The Üsküdar Science Center is not an ordinary scientific institution but an institution interwoven into the network of the so-called “green capital” of the AKP which serves the economic and social organization of the AKP-MHP fascism.
On the 9th of August a paint production factory of HBDH militias located in Tuzla was reduced to rubble and ashes. The blazing factory belonged to a multinational corporation. It is these monopolies that are responsible for the fact that one third of the world’s population lives below the hunger line and the natural resources are irresponsibly plundered and they are also responsible for transforming the whole countries into profitable areas of exploitation and plunder with the help of the local regimes.
All three actions aimed at the structures and individuals that protect, promote and organize the social organization of the exploitative and colonial order.
Alluding to a quote from guerrilla commander Atakan Mahir, the writing ends with the sentence: “We are the militias of the space age and with our newly developed techniques we will be everywhere.
Furthermore, the S.Delal Amed and S.Ulas Adali revenge units have committed themselves to the attack on a weapons and ammunition depot in the border town of Reyhanli. The attack completely destroyed the depot, which was used by the Turkish military and secret service to supply their Islamist gangs. The action was carried out in memory of the 35th anniversary of the August 15, 1984 guerrilla offensive.
All units were able to withdraw without casualties and no civilian casualties occurred.

Declaration of 11 August

In a written statement on 11 August, HBDH revenge units Alişer Xelikan (PKK), Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu (DKP) and Bayram Namaz (MLKP) took responsibility for an attack on a military convoy in the Aksehir district of Konya on 10 August 2019. 8 ammunition-laden vehicles were destroyed by the attack of the Alliance’s guerrilla forces. According to the letter, the units were informed that the convoy was to be sent to the border with northern Syria to reinforce occupation preparations. It is reported that many fascist soldiers were killed and wounded by the action. All units successfully withdrew to their bases. The units declared that they would continue to destroy the means of the fascist war. The colonialist Turkish fascism that declared total war on the Kurdish people, workers, women and youth will surely be crushed by the united revolutionary struggle.

Declaration of 12 August
On August 6, 2019, a hazelnut factory of the Erçal family in Zonguldak in Alaplı district was completely destroyed by an arson attack of the HBDH revenge militia Nubar Ozanyan. With this action one met an important supporter of the AKP-MHP fascism in the Black Sea region. Ercal is one of the important supporters of the occupation operation against Afrin and thus responsible for the massacre of thousands of people, the looting of the gangs and the established colonial regime.
Ercal, who regards dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan as his “commander-in-chief”, even wrote poems about the occupation operation. The Sait Ercal who wrote then that they had spread fear and terror with the operation feels this fear even to the bone. All supporters of AKP fascism are still the target of the militias. The action was carried out in memory of the commander of the United struggle of the peoples Nubar Ozanyan, who became immortal on 14 August 2017 in the freedom struggle of the peoples of Rojava.

Declaration of 13 August
In a written statement, HBDH revenge militia Sevda Serinyel declares that on August 10 they destroyed a mineral oil depot at İzmir in the industrial area of the district Çiğli The entire warehouse turned to ash during the explosion. The militias declare that their actions against the exploiting capital owners will continue. Those who support persecution, condemn millions of people to a life of hunger, poverty and war, will have to realize that their exploitation will not continue undisturbed. Either they will withdraw their support for AKP fascism or they will be destroyed with them. The letter ends with the statement that fascism will certainly be defeated and that the people will win the United Revolutionary War.

Declaration of 14 August
In a written statement, the HBDH revenge militia Mahsum Korkmaz confessed to an attack on a container factory in the Bornova district of Izmir, which on August 12 rendered the entire factory in which water tanks and containers for the Turkish occupying army were manufactured unusable. It was explained that those who earn their money through pain, occupation and massacres of other peoples and provide the war logistics have to pay the price. Those who feed on the dirty war will have to face the reality of this war. The action commemorates the beginning of the guerrilla offensive of 15 August 1984 and it was declared that the spirit of the insurgents of 1971, the spirit of Mahir Cayan, Deniz Gezmiss and Ibrahim Kaypakkaya lived on in the guerrilla offensive and the united struggle of the peoples. The militias call on the entire youth of Turkey and Kurdistan, wherever and however many they are, to open the war against the fascist institutions. The communique ends with the call not to let the fascists sleep peacefully anywhere.


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