uk, bristol :Graffiti on Hoarding Boards of ‘Ashton Rise’ new urban sprawl development….. 15/08/19

At the ‘Ashton Rise’ development on the South Bristol Metro Bus Route(near Bristol City Football Club) graffiti was sprayed:
“Yet more urban sprawl… this time on allotments, and social
housing….Check tag Bristol for eco-actions”.
This was “socially cleansed” within 24 hours…maybe they feel a bit threatened? The standard “art-graffiti” around the area still remains.
Ashton Rise has a budget of £21 million. The council brag of it’s
“affordable” nature, but the only thing thats cheap about their project are the promises of “creating communities” and “sustainability”.
They can remove our traces…but they will never crush our rebellious hearts!


actforfree received on :20/8/19

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