France, Marseille : A two days of Anarchist book fair will take place in Marseille between the 21st and 22nd of September 2019.

Still here. Throwing ourselves into the unbridled adventure of anarchist practice, in the cyclone of free ideas and unregulated action, in a game without prizes, of life without mediations.
Still here. Away from and against ideologies promoting political subjects, against the fogged-up glasses of citizenism, against the imposition of a life suffocated by security, which has transformed existence into habit and obedience.
Still here. Despite the attempts of recuperation and obliteration of the idea of freedom. Despite realisms, moralisms and power’s false critics, who aim to reform domination rather than destroying it.
Still here. As the technological offensive is in the process of renewing and deepening domination, we strive to weave complicities, passionately pursuing the destruction of oppression and exploitation, in the attempt to break through this tedious present.
Still here. Even though technological dependencies distract and numb us from the increasing loss of sensibilities and imagination. Even though virtual relationships try to despoil us of our humanity and capacities to understand our surroundings.
Still here. To claim with love and pride anarchist ideas, in an epoch when integration and repression march hand in hand, increasingly eclipsing the horizons of revolt.
Two days to meet to discuss and deepen anarchist ideas and proposals; to share our books and agitation material, testaments to our revolutionary heritage ; to find new paper sparks, ready to set fire to this present torn between rooted resignation and occasional outbursts of rage.
Two days and an anarchist bookfair, free from commercial or institutional compromises.
Two days drenched in ideas of freedom, far from the old and new herders, far from the old and new herds. Because the possibilities are still open for those striving to combine ideas and practice, between individual tension and social transformation.
These two days will take place in Marseille between the 21st and 22nd of September 2019.
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