Trento, Italy : A leaflet in solidarity with Anarchist comrade Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez

An initiative in solidarity with Juan (but also with Manu and the comrades sentenced in Florence) was held on 24th July in Trento. A gathering outside the Northern League premises turned into a small demo in the city. Here is the leaflet given out in solidarity with Juan.
Tired of keeping quiet, tired of seeing systematic violence every day through racism, sexism and wage labour that take place in this society, whose essential values are authority and profit. Sick of exploitation we see all political parties as mainly responsible, as they repress freedom through the state apparutus, reformist and repressive  (TV, the mass-media, associations, the army, civil protection, etc.) The State and capital are the biggest criminals, they even violate their own laws, they steal through taxes, they kill through wars and waged labour, rejection in the sea and the concentration camps for migrants in Europe and Africa, they contaminate irreversibly man, animals and the entire planet, all for their profit and power.
Let’s not forget the hypocritical complicity of society composed of citizens who pretend not to see the horrors of present and past racism and nationalism. This acceptance is the pillar of totalitarianism and democracy: in the course of time the authority based on indifference, fear, apathy was able to create Gulags and nazi concentration camps, and today the concentration camps in Libya and just outside our homes. It is a history that repeats itself.

12/08/2018. At dawn the Northern League premises were attacked in Treviso with a device, we claim its placing against politicians, cops and their lackeys. We don’t want to be accomplice to all this, we will oppose the State’s indiscriminate violence with discriminate violence against those responsible for all this. The almost total pacification in Italy, where the masses are busy with war between the poor, one of our goals is to oppose resignation, impotence and immobilism. The State and capital use every technique and violence to divert attention away from the real problems of the exploited, first of all the hatred between the weakest and dispossessed, between one border and another, between one gender and another, one colour of skin and another.
Needless to say, no faction of authoritarian insignificant politician would ever be able to satisfy our desires. You are talking about a green-yellow’ government, leftist and right wing, we want the State to be destroyed. You are promising wage increases, reduced taxes, jobs, we want the elimination of money, commodities and work. You are fighting for better government conditions but we only want to have fun over the flaming ruins of your cities. You do politics, we do social war. Things are difficult, there’s an existential abyss between us and there is no space for dialogue. So to us all this makes where we need to strike clear to us! Strike racism and exploitation specifically.
To strike the state, capital and those responsible. Direct action makes why and how clear to us.
For an internationalist, rebel, Anarchist solidarity!
For a world without borders or authority!
With this action we greet the call launched by the comrades of the ‘Santiago Maldonado cell’, who proposed to increase attacks on the peace of the representatives and accomplices of domination.
We send our greetings to any Anarchist individuality and cell that continues to spread the flame through action, here and now!
‘Today it’s us who take the anarchist’s torch in our hands, tomorrow it will be someone else. As long as it doesn’t get extinguished!’
Solidarity with all the prisoners, Tamara Sol, Juan Aliste, Juan Flores, Freddy, Marcelo, J.Gan, Marius Mason, Meyer-falk, Dinos Yatzoglou, Lisa Dorfer, the members of the CCF and Revolutionary Struggle.
To the anarchists in Florence, Turin, Naples, Cagliari, Chile, Russia, Germany, Poland, of operation scripta manent.
And to all the rebels locked up in jails all over the world!
Haris Hatzimihelakis cell/Black International (1881-2018)’
With these words an explosive attack on the premises of the League of Treviso was claimed in August 2018. According to what one learned later, a second device was to serve as a trap for the police who arrived at the scene. On 22nd May, our friend and comrade Juan was arrested after over two years in hiding. Wanted for a series of final judgements, Juan is accused by the prosecutors of Venice of having taken part in the Treviso. We are not interested in knowing who carried out the attack. What we do know is that it was a clear precise action. What we do know is that from the words of the claim a feeling of solidarity, ethics, hatred and love emerges, which are also ours’. What we do know is that Juan has been by our side in many struggles and that our heart is with him.
9th August 2019,
Inferno Urbano
Translated by act for freedom now!

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