Pisa, Italy : Ideas are eviction-proof 

In the morning of 30th July we were evicted from the place that had become our home for over two years, the Galeone Occupato.
We had dreamed of a place to live in and we took it, without negotiating with a state that we only recognize as our enemy, against this society which wants to impose its MONEY god on us as the only way to get anything, which wants us to dedicate our lives to work, performing tasks we have no interest in other than, the most important one, of getting some money in exchange, which we are then supposed to be happy to spend in the little time left passively consuming mainly useless goods and services. ARBEIT MACHT FREI.

Convinced that a life spent passively accepting this system is not worth living, we dedicated our time to making the place inhabitable, to live it trying to build real relationships. There we organized initiatives and discussions on what we cared most about and concerts to collect money for the comrades in prison.
We see degradation, which they have accused us of many times, in the destruction of ecosystems for the extraction of resources necessary to society greedy for energy (mines, caves, geo-thermal plants…) and for the construction of its tentacles (roads, railways, electricity lines…), in the pollution which is poisoning us and the earth, in the mountains of rubbish, in the imposition of technological progress that alienates us and makes us more and more dependent on this system.
We spit on the legality that they think they have restored since the eviction. We don’t recognise their law, imposed by force by cops and the military, because it is the law of the exploiters, the powerful. After all only arseholes or idiots could recognize themselves in a law that, for example, in spite of all the various human rights declarations, a useless snare and delusion, continues to lock up human beings in CPRs, modern concentration camps, because they don’t have a piece of paper (and it’s not a question of right or left, in fact the first law on detention camps for migrants was made by the latter).
Now Galeone is empty once again, what remains are the experiences and relations which were lived there and the ideas that animated it and which can never be evicted from our heads.
The Galeone Crew
Translated by act for freedom now!
via: galeoneoccupatopisa.

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