Angoulême (Charente), France : And two!

 Following Seppois-le-Bas (Alsace) on 6 July and Saint-Pern (Bretagne) on 14 July, the famous “untamed hearts that do not resign themselves to the perpetuation of the existent” have one more reason to fill with joy: indeed a third pylon went up in smoke anonymously in the night of Sunday to Monday, July 15! 
It is a TDF transmitter located in the district of Ma Campagne in Angouleme (Charente), which caught fire around 2:30am at a place called “Petit Beauregard”. Monday, July 15 late in the afternoon, about 70,000 homes (more people still according to the composition of said homes) were affected by the consequences of the fire of the 33 metre high pylon, with broadcasting of television in TNT, and 4 telephony operators (Orange, SFR, Bouygues and Free) cut off.  If services were temporarily restored the next day, they were again interrupted on July 18 in order to repair the equipment power cable, which may mean another week without telephone or TV, according to the journacops.

As a reminder, a huge TDF transmitter had already been burned in the department of Charente in Saint-Saturnin last April, touching – they are just saying it now –  close to “a million homes” … In any case, as the famous Chinese proverb goes, “water is to fish what the antenna barbecue is to summer”
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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