France, Aquitaine : Two electrical cabinets on fire and train traffic derailed

The circulation of trains between Bordeaux and the south of New Aquitaine was heavily disturbed this Monday morning. All the links between the Gironde capital and the cities of Arcachon, Dax, Hendaye, Pau, Tarbes or Mont-de-Marsan [isn’t there also a certain town called Biarritz, around there? NdAtt.] were stopped early in the day before resuming partially according to the communication department of the SNCF.
In question, a double fire that occurred around 5 am in the town of Pessac, in the south-west of the Bordeaux agglomeration. “Two signal booths, electrical cabinets that manage the signalling, were burned,” reports the SNCF. “The police have found out that this is an act of malicious intent. The SNCF will complain and strongly condemns this act,” continues the communication service.

The double fire was finally controlled by the fire brigade shortly before 7 am, but the consequences on the rail traffic were immediate. Because from the early hours of the day, all trains between Bordeaux and the southern cities of the region have been cancelled. Those who had already left were stuck in the different stations. Traffic should be disrupted for most of the day. “First of all, it takes time for the police to carry out their investigations,” says SNCF’s communications department. Then it will be necessary to repair the two signal boxes. All this takes time.” From 10 am, traffic resumed in “degraded mode”, that is to say that the signaling is now being carried out manually. Fewer trains can therefore circulate. […]
26 August 2019
via: Attaque

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