Valdoie (Territoire deBelfort), France : Goodbye ATM

18.8.19 : A cash machine outside the Crédit Mutuel Agency in Valdoie was vandalized and burned on the night of Saturday to Sunday. The alert was given at approximately 1.10 am by the remote monitoring that ensures the security and protection of the bank. The agency is located at 22 rue Carnot.

“According to the first elements we have obtained,” summarizes Laurent Demesy, president of the Valdoie Giromagny agency of Crédit Mutuel, “A stranger smashed the screen, the keyboard, the bank card reader, the cash and receipt dispenser with a heavy object like a hammer. They then sprayed the ATM with a hydrocarbon, like gasoline, before setting it on fire. It would be an act of pure vandalism. Because the money it contained was not touched and could not be, as the system is secured.” [money isn’t everything – “The passion for destruction is at the same time a creative passion,” as Bakunin said; NdAtt.]
via:  Attaque  translated by Act for freedom now!

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