Athens, Greece : Solidarity gathering at Steki of Anarchist Migrants in Exarcheia area

This is a debrief from the solidarity gathering-microphonic at the Steki Of Anarchist Migrants on 1/1/19
Around 50 comrades managed to break the isolation that the riot cops imposed to the Steki Of Anarchist Migrants and the fear that the new government is trying to apply on the struggling movement.
The gathering was with a high grade of risk,but all together united as a fust,we manage to do the microphonic and also read in greek and english the text of the assembly of squats,collectives,internationalists,migrants-refugees and solidarians.
Also international comrades covered the microphonic with videos and photos that they will follow after the debrief.
Hands of the squats
Next assembly today 19:00  2.9.19, gini polytexneio university
Assembly of squats,collectives,internationalists,migrants-refugees and solidarians.


update: 2th September 2019

The night of 1th September, the event of solidarity gathering and had taken place in the steki of anarchist immigrants(Tsamadou 19)
 After the event of solidarity gathering and microphonic, there was a riot against military check point of MAT  (riotcops) next to the steki, which molotovs burned MAT hardly; after the riot, MAT destroyed the door of steki, entered inside and started to smash everything. At the moment, the door of steki of anarchist immigrants is open and MAT are next the steki.
We have said it, the resistance is still alive and resistance will exist, even if the streets of exarchia become red from our blood.
 The state is try to terrorize the society in order to control it, this is the plan of all the state but we should not fear and we have to throw the fear in the body of the system.
 Steki of anarchist immigrants(Tsamadou 19) will be still the center of radical immigrants.
Long live resistance 
Steki of anarchist immigrants(Tsamadou 19)
2th September 2019

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