Italy – Issue seven of the radical ecologist paper L’URLO DELLA TERRA is out

L’Urlo della Terra:
In this issue:

– The Green New Deal and state environmentalism: the trap of sustainability (Costantino Ragusa)
– The paradoxes of identity politics (Silvia Guerini)
– …Or towards post-human civilization? Knowledge versus knowing, science versus the sensible world: progression of the inhuman (André Gorz from L’immatèriel, editions le Galilée)
– A Balanced Account of the World: A Critical Look at the Scientific World View (Wolfi Landstreicher)
– The gender body in the mirror of the new technologies (Game Over _ για τη διάσωση της αμήχανης σκέψης)
– Let’s sabotage the world of the 5G network machine and the smart city (Collettivo Resistenze al Nanomondo [resistance to the nano-world collective])
– From the Grenoble collective Anti Linky and from Pièces et Main d’Oeuvre
– Excerpts from the book Meccanici i miei occhi nati in laboratorio. Dall’utero in affitto alla manipolazione genetica [My mechanical eyes born in laboratory. From surrogate uterus to genetic manipulation].
We’d like to focus these lines on the questions that we’ve been discussing for years in this paper, but we also have to deal with other aspects concerning the increasingly repressive atmosphere we have been breathing in recent months.  Obviously the security decree just approved by this government with its charge of attack on individual freedoms and the social struggle is an important aspect. But it certainly wouldn’t be enough to simply focus our attention on this or on individual ministers, who although avid haven’t done much more than their leftist predecessors. It is precisely the democratic left that set up the worst repressive infrastructures, those who came later only continued and confirmed along the same lines when necessary.

If we find ourselves in this situation without always being able to understand it, it is also due to all the anti-everything, especially of the left, what is left of them, and convinced liberals who have been engaged in highlighting particular aspects and partialities and missed the totality of the problem or certain key points which deserved not only slogans or superficial thoughts but in-depth reflection.
We are dealing with a repressive process that year after year is tightening its grip on the weaker proletarian strata, migrants, the unemployed, all sorts of disadvantaged people, who are met with the asphyxiating attentions of the repression, increasingly diluted in context, but not for this less ferocious. Homeless people swept off the streets and pushed to the doorways of hostels as ‘intelligent’ lightning devices are installed. Migrants made invisible, perhaps without documents, forced into extra-legal activities and destined to swell numbers in prisons and to be exploited in city security policies. Repressive pressure put out with great vigour from every possible channel of information is creating the right atmosphere that is being felt a bit everywhere now: an impalpable institutional enemy, virtual, never reachable, which creates frustration in the majority of people; on the other hand we have migrants used as scapegoats to vent anger and frustration in what is called new racism, but perhaps this aspect should also be looked into more thoroughly. Reality and various phenomena are always and exclusively represented and described with a few key words which are supposed to draw attention to a problem immediately. Such words are no longer adequate because they have been used in improperly for too long, rhetorically or simply because in many contexts they were the only way to oppose the reality of things with empty redundant tones and became broken records that nobody can listen to any more. 
If we consider repression as a process it is clear that many people will be cut out off the new society that is being created, but this is something that will concern everyone without exclusion, change cannot be stopped. Differences will be there of course, but they will be privileges in this new order.
A society ever more at the level of the machine can only be an increasingly repressive society, even only for the enormous proportion of population that will find themselves excluded simply because they are no longer useful to the new ‘intelligent’ production economic processes and they will find themselves on the margins. High technology infrastructures and not only, which are to furnish new smart cities, are created for control and therefore for repression: war technologies used in theatres of peace. This kind of repression that is going ahead in spite of everything and everybody, without taking care of the times of government politics, elections… carries on regardless of everything and is transforming our reality in such profound a way that certain steps can only be stopped with great effort, probably turning back is no longer even possible.
We have the present which we can try to affect, where we can spread critical thoughts and maybe only doubts that can insinuate themselves and arrest the flow of inter-activity which is increasingly invading the social field and people’s relations. 
The new repressive order gives off and imposes a new way of protesting and expressing one’s dissent. By setting an example, the State is making clear how future protests are to be intended. On the one hand we have workers’ strikes and students’ protests repressed with truncheons or submerged by restrictions, on the other we have climate strikes that get everybody together, no one excluded; and with their expression devoid of content and conflict they represent an excellent representation of a protest without protest; something that couldn’t be more congenial to techno-totalitarianism, which not only gives wide space to dissent but also becomes its mouthpiece with the best contemporary instances of the day: by relaunching eco-sustainability and the green economy. 
A few days ago Anna, Silvia and Natascia, imprisoned in L’Aquila, ended a long hunger strike for the closure of the unit where they are locked up amidst a thousand restrictions and abuse, and where they are watched by GOM (Mobile Operative Group of the Prison Police). There was no closure nor was there a transfer to another prison; in this respect, leaked dispositions of the Ministry of the Interior were very clear: do not concede anything otherwise you will give an indication for the breaking out of more struggles. But the struggle has already broken out, both outside with many moments of solidarity, and inside with daily banging on the bars in solidarity in the 41bis units of L’Aquila, which continue today, and with solidarity hunger strikes carried out by other comrades in other prisons. Reality is getting more complex, the meaning of things seems to be getting lost, we are also part of this world and certainly we are not immune to the daily intoxications that infect the present time stultified by smartphones. But there are still places, sometimes they disappear, but reappear again, it’s up to us to see, recognize and recompose them and above all to keep them alive. Repression is like a fever, we must know how to measure and manage it, but we don’t have the presumption that we can eradicate it completely, this will be possible only with the overthrowing of the current order of domination to which this fever is inescapably linked; better still, it is the essence of domination.
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