Mexico ,Urgent : On September 2 at the Tláhuac city hall in Mexico City, at 1 pm, the comrade Mario Antonio López (Tripa) was arrested by the judicial police.

Since that time we have not had any information about his whereabouts, the comrade is incommunicado, he has not been located in any public prosecutor’s offices, and prisons have no information either.
We denounce the forced disappearance of the comrade by the judicial police in Mexico City.
In the face of this new campaign of arrests and disappearance of anarchist comrades in Mexico by MORENA [National Regeneration Movement, Mexico’s ruling party], we summon comrades to show their solidarity in a concentration this week.
As soon as we have more information we will make it public.
The email contact with family members and comrades is
solidaritymariolopez (at)
“Whatever gets in our way, we will defeat them”
Fire to the prisons!
Neither guilty nor innocent!
Total solidarity!
send by email: 5.9.19
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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