Uruguay : About some incendiairy attacks on  telecommunication antennas

Uruguay: claim for an incendiary attack against a telecommunication antenna
Communiqué received 30/08/2019:
In memory of those who have fallen in defence of territories while confronting the civilising and technological advance of this patriarkal-kapitalist system.
While our fires cut your communication, outside we hear the screams calling to light the final pyre.
LECHU [1]: this is what you have sown
gold coast at dawn of august 28
ludd’s grandchildren
[1] Surname of Santiago Maldonado
[2] Finish logging company
For the record:  Uruguay: about the burning of a telecommunications antenna on may 1st
Communiqué receiced 08/05/2019:
Capital’s control of territories exercised by the State’s repressive forces, cops, army, and legal engineering that defends property over life, pose problems to those who, like us, rise up in defence of the land and life and who seek the absolute freedom of all beings. The impossibility of an open struggle because of the limited size of our forces and the imbalance in our ability to exert violence against those that the state-capital exercises over us all, lead us to take up the struggle from the shadows and margins. Without underestimating protest and propaganda, but knowing their limits of tolerance in the democratic game, we consider that the attack has become urgent against the system that is advancing at breakneck speed in the devastation of the planet, particularly as a new mega-project promises to install itself in the territory.

The tool of sabotage, as a way of harassing and attacking the the enemy’s installations must be a part of this unequal struggle, cause losses, cut communications, delay development projects. May these acts extend and multiply up to the point of causing serious problems to the capitalist advance, that is our desire.
It is in this context that at the dawn of the first of May we burnt part of the structure of a telecommunications antenna in the coastal area.
The importance of the flow of information in our consumer lives, as well as in all the activities of capital, information itself being a kind of invaluable merchandise; control over people’s lives through social networks, alienation and normalization of relations, as well as all the health risks generated by these installations (and which will be aggravated with the expected arrival of the 5G technology), led us to choose this objective and to carry out the action on such a special date so significant for the rebellious.
Scratches on the monster’s skin? Yes; perhaps, for them to turn into wounds depends on our daring and reaching the extension and coordination of actions
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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