Switzerland : About the talkative Prisoner of Zürich

We as the former solidarity group are hereby publicly ending our solidarity and support activities for the prisoner, who was arrested in Zurich at the end of January 2019. Up until now the prisoner is still beeing held in pre-trial detention.
The person wrote a statement on the charges of arson against several military vehicles in Hinwil (Small town near Zürich) and on a police emergancy radio antenna in Zurich, a statement which we cannot support.
He then presented the statement to the public prosecutor’s office at the final interrogation of the investigation.
First, the person made statements that could be used specifically
against the comrade who has been wanted internationaly since July 2016 for the same sabotage of a police radio antenna. The prisoner seems to be aware of the possible incriminating use of his statement against the comrade on the run.

Secondly, in both cases he explicitly directs the suspicion to his
friends or acquaintances. In addition, he confirms and supplements various hypotheses of the investigation and presents himself as innocent in both cases.
The assertion of innocence alone would deprive public revolutionary solidarity because one of its pillars – “Neither guilty nor innocent” – gets violated. But with an admission of this magnitude and nature, any solidarity with the imprisoned person is impossible for us.
Among other things, the solidarity group therefore won´t no longer forward the letters that had previously been forwarded via the anarchist library Fermento.
We continue to defend the acts of sabotage which are the subject of this trial, regardless of who made them, we call on everyone not to fall into speculation and gossip about this case.
The former solidarity group.
Written at the beginning of September 2019
Ps: We wish the comrade on the run much strength, courage and good nerves.
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