Greece, Thessaloniki: Taking responsibility on 20.6.19  by Afternoon Arsonists Group ‘Mauricio Morales’

In recent years, it can be observed that there has been increasing establishment and empowerment of modern totalitarian regimes in various regions-states of this fragile world. From Bolsonaro’s Brazil, to the upcoming Le Pen’s France and from fascist Salvini’s Italy in Mitsotakis’ expected “march” into our surrounding territoriesPanoptic control, manipulation of populations and their consciences, overwhelming arms power show-off and exhibition of vengefulness against those who choose to resist, are only some of their common attributes all over the world. Repression and long sentences on those who dispute them.
   And if at times we are just waiting for the opportunity to return to the streets of fire and action, this time we heard of the hunger strike of Italian comrades Silvia and Anna seeking to put an end to their isolation in Italian AS2 type prisons and have the opportunity to communicate with each other and with their comrades outside prison. The hunger strike was also backed and supported by other anarchist comrades such as A. Cospito, Salva and Steco. The enforced permanent isolation status is, after all, widespread and applied to anarchists all around the world. So the Italian state is showing its teeth too against its political opponents with machinations and demonstrations of power against those who have hated exploitation and authority, every deprivation of freedom.

   For us, solidarity is unquestionable with comrades who fight with all of their being all kinds of authoritarians, fascists or oppressors. Using as the driving force our anger and as the means the flame that burns within us, we proceeded to the arson of the Italian Consul Christos Sarantopoulos’s personal car on Thursday 20/6 in the area of Touba near the Italian Consulate. We chose to act at noon in an area guarded by permanent stable and mobilized forces (police guard of the consulate of Romania at 20 metres, DIAS outside the Theageneio Hospital), highlighting once again the “security gaps” of this society of control they are trying to impose.
   The low-powered means used were such that the desired damage was inflicted, but the integrity of any random passerby was not compromised , as the collateral damage logic is far from our mindset.  In case anything happens to the comrades during the struggle they give up-front with their own bodies, we will return and this time we will not limit ourselves to only material damage against any envoy of the Italian State. It is time to put aside what isolates and drives us in idleness and build strong, honest bonds moving by small daily steps in making key hits. Beyond loose bases and opportunistic relationships, to pursue the impossible by methodically walking in the future that each of us has dreamed of, freely, together and self-organized. Because only when you resist, you struggle, you fight, you can hope.
 PS1. The pleasant news of the “disappearance” of Giannis Michailidis  from the rural prison where he was held and the corresponding “disappearance” of K. Athanasopoulou the day before her conviction was announced, brought a big conspiratorial smile to our faces.
Good strength and good freedom comrades.
PS2. Comrade Salvatore who is sentenced in a case of a bomb at a fascist bookstore and the injury of a cop in Italy, has been released, but remains under house restriction. Until true freedom comrade, keep strong.
PS3. Even if more than 10 years have passed, the memories of December are still fresh. A decision of the second degree court is expected  in the coming days at Lamia for Korkoneas and Saraliotis. Apparently, without any expectations from civil justice, all we are waiting for is yet another reason for the next hit.
PS4. May 22, 2009 Comrade Mauricio Morales falls dead in Santiago, Chile, in an attempt to place an improvised explosive device at a police school. No distance and no border is capable of separating us comrades. “Ideas without actions are worth nothing, so theory and action must be and are a unified thing ”.
PS5. Strength and solidarity to those who choose to apply in practice the anarchist slogans and live a life away from the slavery of labour.
Close to the 3 comrades accused of robbing the money transfer agency at AHEPA.
Afternoon Arsonists Group ‘Mauricio Morales’
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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