Greece, kerkira island (Corfu) : Taking Responsibility to show solidarity with the evicted squats of Exarchia

At dawn on September 1, 2019 we wrote slogans at the offices of NODE (Prefectural Administration Committee) of New Democracy and broke down the bell at their entrance. Then we bathed the entrance of the New Democracy party political office of Stefanos Gikas with bright colours, and appropriate slogans were written.
Our action’s aim was to show solidarity with the evicted squats of Exarchia and opposition to the never justifiable police oppression which is escalating.
Immediately the congressman himself and the local media spoke of “reproduction of hate, violent and extreme behaviour that damages democracy.” Also the Syriza scumbag Alekos Avlonitis – a local bourgeois – spoke with identical words.

We have to answer to both untalented wannabe politicians and their supporters that:
– Violence is throwing 140 oppressed refugees and immigrants out of their homes, which because of your plans – with NATO membership, support and perpetuation of capitalist barbarism, participation in the EU and the existence of a state army (whose service-time you want to increase to serve your own financial, geopolitical, etc. interests) – are found in this position.
– Violence is the capture of comrades, raids on their homes and abduction and torture of a comrade.
– Violence is the attack on K * BOX and the use of tear gas inside it, which was full of people, and resulted in injuring a comrade on the head (after all, they never aim the feet) and hospitalizing him, also another comrade presented epileptic seizures.
– Violence is the attack of riot squads in Exarchia square during an event against narco-mafias and a tear gas attack during a concert in the square. Then, it was followed by a police pogrom and body checks.
– Violence is the daily verbal and physical bullying which “the garbage” accept as witnesses reports.
It is worth emphasizing that the above-mentioned events happened over the past 5 days. We have not added to the above boss violence, gender based violence and exploitation of nature. Having said that we leave to the judgment of our fellow citizens the question “what is violence?” after all..
Of course you choose to use this violence in the world of struggle. Those who daily challenge the state institution through self-organization, assemblies, anti-hierarchical structures, solidarity relations and many other organizational processes prove the former’s inadequate ability to function.
So our action was an attempt to give some colour to your cruel and lifeless worldview.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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