Athens, Greece: Claim of responsibility for the armed attack against cops in exarchia, char. trikoupi

Today morning 27 sep, around 02:30 the neighbourhood of exarchia was listening the voice of 5 bullets, which came from the street of Char. Trikoupi to attack the military check point of MAT at this street. The results of the armed attack are not clear yet, but we suppose that there were not killed or injured cops.
This is a warning for those who militarized and occupied our neighborhood, since an army is in our neighborhood, so the answer also should  be in an armed way; what we are doing is return the violence that already we have received. The real terrorists are states, not us as a social resistance movement.
Unfortunately, a part of our movement is bringing the resistance to a peaceful way of struggle, which is unacceptable, because in our opinion a pacifist resistance movement is a dead resistance movement, so we think the violence and especially armed violence is necessary against all these attacks that we heve received from the state.
Revolutionary anarchist armed strugglers (GANA)

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