Athens, Greece: Claim for the incendiary attack on Zografou Police Station

Moving bowed clock-hands walk around the grey metropolises. From grave to grave. From cell to cell. From apathy to apathy. From door to door. Doors also bowed, bent over, condemned to collapse if they don’t see the clock-hands passing by at the right time. And time swallows the clock-hands, like the numbers that they were showing were something unimportant and conventional, like the only important thing was always
just to walk around bowed. Some clock-hands broke off, and, for these ones, each pacified day is one more death for one of their aspects.
That’s why they take their bodies all together and mill around the streets that smother them since their childhood. The enemy is there, inside fortresses that ensure the dominant order and normality. One of these fortresses, the Zografou Police Station, was chosen to be targeted and attacked with incendiary devices at the dawn of this 14th of September.

Capital and the State have a continuity. In their eternal pantheon: property, free enterprise, smooth commercial flow, money that produce more money. Maybe the tactics for the establishment of the aforementioned change, depending on the governmental management, but the strategy remains the same. And all the lackeys that wear the uniforms of law, order and security, are the armed front-line of this complex. They
are a constant wound for our aesthetics and feelings. Therefore, there are always reasons to attack their infrastructures and their bodies.

There are plenty of reasons to be there, reminding them that when we choose the terms of the conflict they are vulnerable. And they won’t stop being so, even after the recruitment of 1500 new cops on their “combative forces”.

We perceive as clearly clichéd the declarations of New Democracy government about implementing the “law and order” dogma, about “safety for the citizens”, “finishing of the ghettos”, “development and prosperity”. Via the strategy of tension, they only have the ability to achieve the more intensified exposure of capital’s inherent contradictions, and the sharpening of social polarization. Red carpets for investment and “development”, police state and militarization of whole neighbourhoods, bills against workers, racist policies of
underestimating and devaluating the migrants, gentrification and touristification of areas in the shrine of profiteering, abolition of the university asylum, evacuations of squat, arrests and prosecutions of combatants, concentrating camps and deportations for the migrant “over-spill”: the aggression of the right wing is escalating over all the faces of social war.

Obviously, our enemies owe nothing except war to us, and this
realization brings us in front of the responsibility of our individual and collective choices. And it’s exactly this responsibility and these choices that remain as a depiction of the dignity and freedom we were able to touch with our bear-hands. The dignity and freedom of the individuals that took their life in their hands and didn’t let it be looted by this world’s dominant power. The individuals whose desire for what they love makes them confront their most pure and, simultaneously,
raw feelings, in the context of a daily introspection. We are the honest relationships that we build among us. We are the deepest desires that we communicate one another. For each one of us that we are an active part of the today’s and tomorrow’s resistance, it’s a wager of high importance not to get drowned into the mire of self-pity, and not to hesitate in front of the terror unleashed by each government.

We must make a strong and sharp presence in the battles to come Only through action can we show what we want
And we want it all, NOW and FOREVER

We send our implicit solidarity to the imprisoned comrades Dinos Giagtzoglou, Yannis Dimitrakis and Kostas Sakkas, as well as to the Park Bench 3 in Germany. We do not forget those who have fallen in the social war, nor do we forget the murders of Pavlos Fyssas and Zack Kostopoulos / Zackie Oh

ps: Our warm congrats to the “heroes” of the Greek Police for their professionalism. On the one hand, for their colleague “solidarity” when they left alone the cop that went to the opposite pavement, throwing also two noise-lighting bombs almost on him. And on the other hand, for the “calmness” that was marked on the sweat and the trembling hands of the aforementioned cop, who was targeting us with his gun in a straight fire-line. Also, our warm welcome to the new leader of Greek Police, mr. Karamanlakis, who came immediately to the place some minutes after the attack, for the necessary colleague baby-sitting.

Anarchist Gangs for Metropolitan Disruption

Original publication, 20th September 2019:

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