Two Armed Attacks on Police in Chile in Support of Mapuche Struggle

Guerrillas attacked police with firearms in two different sections of the La Araucanía region of Chile during the early hours of Monday 22.9.19. Pamphlets in support of the Mapuche cause were left behind at the scene of one attack.
One of the attacks was carried out at the headquarters of the Carabineros de Ercilla sub-station in the province of Malleco, this being the third attack of this type so far this year in this area.
Guerrillas fired on the building, hitting three shots in one of the police vehicles that was parked in front of the station.
After the attack, no detainees were registered, since police personnel followed the vehicle without obtaining the arrest of the guerrillas. According to corporate media, pamphlets were found there in support of the Mapuche cause.
In addition, a second attack was made on police personnel who were carrying out fixed-point work in forestry operations at La Envidia, on the border between Temuco and Lautaro.
At about 5:00 a.m., an individual in camouflaged clothing fired at the police officers who were at the Mininco Forest property, firing at least four times at the Carabineros.
Incendiary elements were found near the machinery that is in place there.
The Mapuche people have fought for many years to defend their land from the Chilean state, and revolutionary armed struggle is a key element of any successful insurgency.

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