London, UK : ‘Prisoner J’ – Still in Prison, Still Being Tortured

Another court hearing took place yesterday (27th Sept) with nothing changed: the medical consensus needed by the court to lock our comrade up in hospital has still not been reached.
She’s been a month inside Pentonville, a male prison, and she’s still there. She’s also not in the medical wing, but in the “general population”.
The lawyer who saw her in person described her condition as worse than ever and in “apparent crisis”. We don’t know if there’s some reason she doesn’t want to be on the medical wing, but everything indicates the prison are treating her as having “behavioral problems” rather than any medical need.
There’s another hearing in two weeks. The lawyers will try before then to get her transferred to hospital via a different means. We’ll keep trying to understand the legal bullshit but we won’t be holding our breath for some procedural miracle to save the situation.
Instead, we’ll keep writing to Prisoner J (we haven’t managed to visit yet, but a family member has) and we’ll keep using whatever means we have of communicating that she’s not alone. We’ll also discuss what support we can offer when this hellish prison term is finally over.
Once again, if you want to do the same, contact:
Finally, we’ll keep sharing information, hoping to reach others who share the same struggle – anyone who doesn’t see life as one big “behavioural problem” to be contained and managed.

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