Palermo, Italy: Circolo Anarchico is born

This anarchist space arises from the will of some individuals to create a space of radical criticism against the realities of oppression and devastation that govern society, seeking new paths of struggle, radically opposed to the development of domination, to destroy the reality that oppresses us.
Do we still have the possibility of acting on our individual realities in this totalizing world? How can we overcome the desperation to live a life of mere survival and contrast it with the passion and joy of living?
The aim we have set ourselves is to make this place a point of outward momentum. We want a place that hosts the conflicting tensions of those who refuse to remain passive spectators of the widespread annihilation, who host the deserters of social peace imposed every day; for weave relationships free from conditioning, from self-imposed roles and from daily rituals produced by commodified sociality.

The space is open to all those individuals who are not satisfied with the mere analysis of social phenomena and sterile discussions on how to organize a “different world”; a place where, from the comparison of multiple sensitivities, the horizons of attack can be expanded.
Opened whenever we want.
Certainly on Wednesdays from 17.00.
Circolo Anarchico
via Castrofilippo 34 – Palermo
e-mail: circoloanarchicopalermo at

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