Italy – 9th September: from Foggia to Rosarno, only the struggle can stop repression 

This morning there will be two hearings against comrades who have been organizing and struggling for years together with people who live and work in the many ghettos scattered throughout this country.
In Palmi (RC) there will be the sentencing against two comrades accused of having helped a person to escape identification and one of them is also accused of using force against a carabiniere, during the day of struggle on 22nd March 2017 in San Ferdinando.
In Foggia there will be a hearing of the trial where a few comrades are accused of an unauthorized demo, referring to a road block that took place outside the Police Headquarters during simultaneous demos on 6th February 2017, which were part of a national mobilization against borders and exploitation.

Chance has it that the two trials are being held simultaneously, but it’s not at all by chance that for years in these contexts there has been self-organized struggle, which with a great deal of courage and determination has been opposing racism and segregation that all governments, with their institutional apparatuses and not only, are carrying on in order to exploit and control the lives of thousands of people, not only migrants.
Our solidarity is based on the certainty that only by building relations of struggle can we destroy the deadly existent.  
What happens to those who live in ghettoes, in reception and deportation centres, to those stopped at borders and having trouble crossing them, is being turned into a spectacle, chewed, digested and thrown away quickly, amidst web excitement over the actions of others.
On the contrary we believe that it is necessary to put oneself on the line in first person, as we are convinced that unity is to be looked for among differences and by facing contradictions without alliances or opportunism. 
For freedom.
Rete Evasioni
Rete Campagne in Lotta
The comrades of Hurriya
Translated by act for freedom now!

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