Santiago,Chile: Communiqué of subversive prisoners from the CAS

Communiqué of subversive prisoners from the High Security prison, before its closure and their transfer
Publicacion réfractario  / Thursday 2 October 2019

Faced with the impending closure of the High Security prison [CAS, Cárcel de alta seguridad; NdAtt.], we subversive, autonomous, libertarian and anarchist prisoners declare that:
  1. According to information coming from jailers in recent weeks and in the face of a series of indications that we cannot ignore, the Special High Security Unit, UEAS, which includes the Maximum Security Section, the High Security Prison and the “Capitaine Yaber” prison for the rich, will be closed for 4 months from October 10 for the renovation of its facilities, with the clear aim of renewing the criminal regime for which this unit was originally born 25 years ago.
It is an established fact that this place is the obligatory destination of those of us who struggle and fight power inflexibly as this place of confinement also contains the clear revenge of the State against those who maintain antagonistic practices of Offensive Resistance in the historic continuity of the struggle for Total Liberation. For now, we are not sure of our temporary destination, but clearly the intention is to maintain control and special restrictions in order to make us return later to the sanctions regime that they want to impose.

  1. We are making a call strong and clear to break the fragmentation and distances that exist or can exist between all those who carry out autonomous anti-prison practices as a perspective of struggle against the State, Prison and Capital. It’s time to meet, without pettiness and with generosity to know what we are doing in the face of a new assault of the State, which requires coordination and collective strength to Resist.
It will be a combat that will take time, because the obvious will of power is to increase the repression against us, as well as our isolation, in order to bring about revenge as a lesson and example for those who dare to rebel.
Our perspective of struggle and our convictions are clearly aimed at the destruction of the prison society; we do not aspire to the acquittal of prisoners therefore because that would amount to giving power the conceptual privilege of calling the democracy of capital, the normality of the existent, freedom. We aspire to the total destruction of prisons, that there be no more cages or confinement and with that we embrace those who resist and attack everywhere in the world, with the same spirit, in the same beating of our insurgent hearts.

Our complicity is deepening today and that is why we are calling for concrete examples of dedication, to face this difficult time ahead.

We salute Mauricio’s Resistance in the prisons of Brazil, which has gone on for 17 years, those who bear prison with dignity for different anti-authoritarian actions in Argentina, the United States, in Greece, in Italy, in Russia, in Spain, in France, in Germany and in every corner of the planet where there is the practice of permanent targeted attack against all the structures of power, Capital and the State.
We greet and embrace the Mapuche brothers and sisters, their struggle for self-determination.
To all the fugitives and errant who keep running, in defiance of the law.
Let’s stay on the lookout and continue to sow complicity, in constant struggle.
We remain convinced!
Freedom for the prisoners of the social war!
International solidarity and fraternity, for the destruction of prisons!
As long as there is misery, there will be rebellion!

Cárcel de Alta Seguridad
Santiago – Chile
1st October 2019

Posted on 3 October 2019 by Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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