Santiago, Chile: Call for a Week of Public Transport Sabotage & Fare Evasion, 7-14th Oct, 2019

Today, October 6th, 2019 we call on the territory of Santiago-Chile to carry out sabotage and mass fare evasion of public transport systems.
We cannot remain with our hands tied to the attacks by the current government, the increases in fares are not just a minor thing, that is why we make this call to rise against the oligarchy, against the system and capital.
The call is that from Monday, October 7th of this year, sabotage and evade.
A burnt micro bus will not give us back anything, neither will a cop. But it is the action we have had to take against power and its henchmen,
A warm embrace to the political prisoners, to the subversives of the social war.
A bullet to the lackeys and the rich of this country.
Subversive Anonymity
via: anarchistsworldwide

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