Italy – Raids in Genoa

On 4/10/19 at dawn, the Genoa ROS  (special operations of carabinieri) turned up at the homes of two comrades in Genoa with search warrants  [they went back to one of them on 10/10 to seize  IT material they had forgotten – a computer, two modems, an USB key, a paper draft of this writing].
The warrant reads: ‘under investigation for offences concerning articles 110, 423, 270bis, committed in Genoa on 30/07/19’.
 Through local web news we learn that we are accused of setting fire to an ENI car, an action that was followed by a claim published in counter-information websites.
What they were looking for (we quote from the warrant) are: ‘objects and material related to the offences following which procedures are underway with particular reference to items of clothing used as disguises during the perpetration of the offences as well as documents and/or IT material related to the claim of the criminal action.’

They seized a computer from one of the houses, from the other various papers (letters from prisoners, personal notes, pamphlets, leaflets and a basic fire risk dossier)…of these only one pamphlet was actually confiscated (‘Sea and desert torturers – Italian government politics in Libya’).
Besides turning the two homes upside down, more than they already were, all this made us waste hours inside the police barracks.
As often happens with the various repressive operations against comrades, once again here what is being put on trial is our being anarchists, our frequentation of antiauthoritarian milieus, the fact that we express solidarity with our friends and comrades struck by repression.
Their goal is not just to give years in prison and custodial measures, but also to spread fear among the sworn enemies of the State by making them feel closely watched and controlled in the hope of achieving their annihilation and retirement to a frustrating but comfortable life, one that is not a thorn in their side or of those they defend. Sometimes they get results, such as dissociation and taking a distance, which actually plays into the hands of power, often by concealing cowardice behind political lines.
As far as we are concerned, we will remain what we are, strong in our ideas and surrounded by those in solidarity with us and not interested in attributing guilt or innocence for the facts we are accused of.
Learning of the many direct actions being carried out all over the world and the acts of revolt against what we hate, filled us with joy before and still fills us with joy now.
We are not interested in recognizing public prosecutors, judges, servant-journalists etc. as our interlocutors.
We chose to defend ourselves through a lawyer; so it’s his task to demonstrate the inconsistency of the evidence they say they have against us.
It won’t be a bunch of spies seeking promotion or a judge’s sentence that will tarnish our dignity.
In the morning of 7/10/2019 another comrade in Genoa’s home was raided.
With the vulgar 41 Tulps (an article that allows any cop to enter your house without a judge’s warrant), Digos officers from Turin entered the flat searching for weapons, ammunition and explosives. The search turned out to be negative. At the moment the comrade is not under investigation.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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