Fantasma, clandestine anarchist newspaper 3 October 2019

Many weeks have past. Many steps have blazed my way. There where no other liana guided me through the covert. Only my two feet. They carried me, showed me the vast green towards rocks, canyons and caves. Many would have climbed up full of daring, would have looked down with a sharpened sight, or would have run into the cavernous black with a childish curiousity. From the corner of my eye I noticed the changing surrounding but I chose to ignore it. Daring, sharpened sight, childish curiousity, this wasn‘t the time for it. But now I am standing here, in
front of a gigantic waterfall whose maelstrom is able to engulf
eveything and everyone in its depth. I pause, looking at the fascinating foam, listening to the sound of dropping water. It looks beautiful but it also brings death.
It feels good to see this newspaper project not being six feet under.
Lonelyness, turmoil and thousands of difficulties have let this liana almost die and with it a connection between the visibles and the unvisibles. But this is not the way this project shall end. Not without unwanted external interferences!

On the tracks of our own intentions we recognized once again that we are not able to keep what we have promised. In the editorial of the second issue we wrote “But how can we intervene socially? To put ourselves offensively beside the oppressed and to voice our ideas of freedom unambiguously, without handing ourselves to the enemy on a silver platter? It is these questions, which keep us busy, and we believe many others in similar situations, and we want to immerse deeper in the following issues.”
Exactly these questions still keep us busy. But external circumstances, inner conflicts and the interplay of those two factors forbade us in the last several months to carve out approaches or even answers concerning this matter. Nevertheless there is a lot to say, to tell and to share.
In defiance of unfulfilled expectations, everything considered we deem it important to publish a third issue of the Fantasma. To strengthen the bonds of complicity once again, to seek the public discourse once again and to struggle with you shoulder to shoulder once again. Even though in secrecy.
A little weak but unbowed we look back on a hard time which let us awaken to one thing: even though the earsplitting roar of falling water tries to seize our attention; even though the white vortex is so tempting; even though the allure of the maelstrom is able to attract us from the waterside – we will never ever splash with death. Not as long as we feel life in us. Not as long as we are anarchists.

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