Chile: On the third insurrectional day all over the territory – October 20, 2019

Here is an overview (not exhaustive) of the attacks, expropriations and sometimes destruction of goods (and their temples) on Sunday 20 and during the night in several cities in Chile (in addition to those already mentioned in the text “Spread the fire” rather than cover it”):
In Conchalí, the ACuenta hypermarket is set on fire.
In Santiago, the supermarket “Ok Market”, located at the intersection of Portugal and Marín streets, is looted and burned. The Shell service station, facing the former Central Station, is also looted.
In Ñuñoa (in the suburbs), a car dealership located at the intersection of Irarrázaval Avenue and Holanda Street is attacked as a barricade. The previous night, Saturday, a ‘Mitsubishi’ dealership was attacked: several new cars perished in the flames (see photos below).
In Maipú, the ‘Unimarc’ hypermarkets of Cuatro Poniente Avenue and ‘Lider’ of Tres Poniente Avenue are looted and set on fire.

At Rancagua (Cachapoal province), the supermarket Central Mayorista Victoria (Mapuche region of La Araucanía) is burned: 10 vehicles of the town hall are burned in their parking lot. In addition, several Paseo Independencia stores are attacked, ransacked and some also looted. This is particularly the case for a shoe store. A WOM mobile phone store was completely ransacked.
At Villa Alemana, a Bancaestado agency and a supermarket ‘Unimarc’ are set on fire.
In Penca (province of Concepción): the toll at the entrance to Ruta Interportuaria is destroyed by fire.
In La Serena and surrounding areas (Coquimbo region), several lootings of shopping centres have been identified. On Francisco de Agirre Avenue, enragés clashed with the Special Forces by erecting barricades and throwing projectiles. In addition, the statue of the refounder of the city was demolished.
During the night, there were power cuts in several very different regions, which the CGE (Chilean EDF) is unable to explain. Each time, whole neighbourhoods are targeted: 2600 people in Vallenar, 12300 people in Petorca (Valparaiso).
The number of deaths in the post-looting fires would be 10: 2 in the San Bernardo Lider, 5 in the Kayser garment factory in Renca, 1 in the supermarket in Matucana (Santiago), 2 in the Construmart construction store in Pintana.
76 carabiniers were wounded during the night from Sunday to Monday (44 in Greater Santiago and 32 in the province), 4 of them are in a serious condition, 2 of them shot.
It should be noted that the government and its media spokespersons come out at the same time as information is circulating on several demonstrators shot dead by soldiers, notably at La Serena next to the Mall – this one is recognized by power, but said it had to investigate to find out when the bullet hit the protester, it was during the day … In Coquimbo, we see on a video a group of soldiers (not riflemen) firing on demonstrators in front of the ACuenta hypermarket.

via: sansattendre.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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