Greece : Demonstration, November 2, 12.00 Victoria Square, Athens-Solidarity with squats and self-organized infrastructures/Demolish all detention centers

Solidarity with squats and self-organized infrastructures – Demolish all detention centers
The piling of thousands of people in isolated detention centers under horrible living conditions, such as in Moria (Lesvos), Skaramanga and Petrou Ralli (Athens), and in Corinth (Peloponnese), signifies the gloomy destiny that the European states reserve for the oppressed and the poor.
This constitutes the prolongation of the conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and in other places among the world where powerful capitalist states with their allies conduct warfare operations and economic interventions to loot local natural resources, to exploit human societies, and to establish global hegemony.
This constitutes the prolongation of slave trades, of mines, barbed wires, the Evros wall, the Frontext, and border guards.
This constitutes the prolongation of pogroms, racist politics, fascist attacks, and social cannibalism.
This is the prolongation of the attacks on squats and self-organized infrastructures of both locals and migrants, because they constitute barrier to barbarity, isolation, ghettoization, and poverty imposed by state and bosses.
Detention centers are a picture from nor the future or the past. It is the way states control all oppressed and exploited human beings that are consider overflowing or not welcomed.
Common struggles of locals and migrants against poverty, fascism, the war, oppression and exploitation.
Demonstration, November 2, 2019, 12.00, Victoria Square, Athens

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