Germany : Claim for attacks against CDU offices and bank branch (Berlin/Athens)

On October 22, we attacked with stones and hammers:
the CDU offices in
– Wilmersdorf, Zähringerstraße
– Prenzlauer Berg, Lychener Street
– Schöneberg, Kolonnenstraße
and a bank
– Sparkasse branch at Anton Saefkow Platz in Hohenschönhausen
As in Athens, politicians*, political parties, cops and their parrots are targeting some areas in Berlin that they stigmatize as “danger zones” and “criminal places” in order to legitimize the terror of the armed hordes.

They call the Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg the centre of African dealer gangs, some streets of Neukölln are supposed to be under the control of Arab clans and the Rigaer and Liebig streets in Friedrichshain are regarded as zones of criminal left-wing extremists.
All over the world it is possible for the militarized police state to occupy districts and establish a state of emergency for those living there. Where the social struggles are not strong enough for a directly confronting dynamic, the insurgents evade this superiority and attack those responsible in favourable places in the metropolis. In Chile, meanwhile, the memory of the bloody military dictatorship of Pinochet comes to mind, as the military was called up to support and combat the riots.
We attacked the CDU not only because it controls the murderous violence of the police in Germany, but because it coordinates the war against the fleeing people at the EU borders together with Nea Dimokratia in the European Parliament, in NATO and with Frontex. Both parties are committed to the authoritarian formation of society in their countries, including the elimination of the anarchist movement.
And, as is well known, the banks live exclusively from the trade in arms, misery and useless consumption.
Our attacks are a response to the text from Athens ( athens.indymedia. , English athens.indymedia. ), whose content-based approach and strategic orientation we share.
We ourselves create temporary danger zones in Berlin by transforming the illusion of their order into shards. It is time to bring back the violence they carry into our neighborhoods to their own neighborhoods.
Good luck and strength to all the fighters* who are on the road every night in the centres of the European fortress, in the metropolises of South America and in all the other conflict areas in order to do the same as we do: the destruction of opposing infrastructure as a condition of our liberation.
Friends* for the expansion of dangerzones
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