Lecce, Italy : Let’s squat the sky. A new anarchist occupation in Lecce

In a free universe, each human being is an independent star, with his/her own route. In a servile universe, each human being is in the best case a planet and in the worst a satellite: switched off in itself, lit only by some other’s reflex, eternally forced to tread the same orbit around a centre (from time to time called State or nation, organization or party, law or morals, faith or ideology, wealth or career).
That’s why those who want to move around without interference not only need to go as far as possible from any pre-arranged path, but also to take their own space. 
A space, like the one just occupied in Lecce, in which one starts from oneself, one’s desires, projects, tensions and peculiarities, by oneself or in company. Without a program to be realized, without leaders or followers, so as to desert, refuse, oppose, destroy, build up…
Take a space in order to give impulse to ideas and dreams in a place that can be a possible meeting point for different individuals and realities in total autonomy, which must however set off from the sharing of some fundamentals such as the refusal of delegation and politics. 

A microcosm where no regular orbits to be followed will be traced, in order to try to express the multiplicity of human desires and possibilities. This place is opening so that stars light up inside, with the aim of shattering the darkness of obedience and homologation. And each star will shine when and how it wants, the one and only responsible for the initiative it will organize.
Do not look for this small galaxy of enemies of authority in official maps. You won’t find it.
In order to find it you’ll have to go to the spot, through the twisted roads of Lecce’s historical centre, where you’ll get lost outside the paths imposed by domination and goods, in Piazza delle Giravolte no. 11-13.
On Saturday 12th October from 7pm, Osteria Bancarotta [Bankrupt Tavern] opens with good wishes drinks, as the Biblioteca Anarchica Disordine [Disorder Anarchist Library] exhibits its distribution of anarchist and libertarian publications.
On Sunday 13th and Monday 14th September, Cigno Nero [Black Swan] organizes an antimilitarist exhibition with Frans Masereel’s drawings and the projection of the short film ‘The Idea’ (1932).
On Tuesday 15th September, dinner for all tastes set up by chef Rubo.
On Wednesday 16th September, an exhibition against the TAP gas pipeline and film ‘La donna elettrica’ [the electric woman] presented by TAP enemies. 
On Thursday 17th September, an exhibition on the League and projection of the film ‘Elser’, presented by John Brown’s Friends.
On Saturday 19th September, Biblioteca Anarchica Disordine presents Dalle Apuane alle Green Mountains. Anarchismo ed anarchici tra Carrara e il Vermont (1888-1910) [From the Apuane Alps to the Green Mountains. Anarchism and anarchists between Carrara and Vermont (1888-1910]. A talk with author Gino Vatteroni.
sad news updates:
The anarchist space recently occupied has been evicted (October 24th, 2019)
On the morning of October 24th, 2019, was evicted the anarchist space occupied about ten days ago in piazza delle Giravolte 11-13, in Lecce. Despite this, the planned projection already scheduled for the evening took place outdoors in the same square.
Updates and reflections will follow.

Translated by act for freedom now!
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