Athens, Greece: Update/Report about my arrest as a student / minor following the intervention at Athens radio station 9.84

I announce and report this incident regarding the violence and in general the mistreatment I have experienced as a student, as a reminder of the usual and repetitive behavior of the Greek police against any who struggle against the State. I speak as a fighter and at the same time as a student, and I address every student who opposes the state, fights against it, is imprisoned, or loses their school and neighborhood because they are a migrant. The mistreatment I received was directly related to the fact that the cops had the ability to separate me and keep me alone because of my age.
On Tuesday 1 October, together with a body of about 25 people, we made an intervention at the Gazi Municipal Radio Station “Athens 9.84”, and in consultation with them without any dispute, we played a text about the evictions of squats, and state repression including against migrants. After playing the text on the “air”,  we went out and received an attack by many cops, which resulted in 8 prosecutions.
The cop who took  me did the classic violent assault by the Greek police on me, handcuffed me, and carried me away with rude and sexist comments on my face. Inside the cop car,  whilst handcuffed I was sexually harassed with quite vulgar sexist comments. One of the two put his hand back on my leg trying to touch me and me while the car was running incredibly fast so the risk of me trying to resist was high.
At GADA we were kept for about 4 hours without being informed about what was happening and or what would happen with our prosecutions. I asked if my parents had been informed and they claimed that they had been for a long time now, but in fact they had not received a phone call. After 4 hours of being detained, we were all charged with arrest except one minor. The arrest had been made because a councillor made an allegation on the order of Mayor Bakoyannis for a completely false accusation claiming that there was a threat from us during the intervention, saying that we would burn them if they did not play the recording, through which the lawsuit formed our second category.
All the police station confirmed for several hours until my defense came that I would be released at night because I was a minor. My treatment and separation from the others was clearly aimed at trying to make me unresponsive and accepting of what they told me to easily interrogate me without the presence of a lawyer. I refused to give fingerprints but they pressured me to do so before contacting a lawyer. But they found the way, after it was announced to my mother that if I gave fingerprints I would be allowed to stay home at night. Forced to no longer be able to decide for myself in general, I gave in After a while it was confirmed that it was another lie, after we were told that I would eventually be detained.
The night continued with me pressuring them to be able to stay in the cell with the rest of the girls, and not alone in the juvenile detention center (which was what they claimed it to be) which of course was not accepted. They confirmed that I would not stay in a cell because it doesn’t work like that in the minors section. When the food sent by the people in solidarity came from below, they they got me down  without letting me eat and talk to the rest. They finally put me in a cell and before the cop who locked me in left, he told me if I needed anything I should shout. A little later I started to shout for quite some time and no one ever came, that is, anything that would happen to me would never be addressed and no one would listen to me.
My case has been referred to the juvenile prosecutor and I am being tried in a year from now with two misdemeanors: disturbance of residential peace in common and threat to harm in common.
The situation we went through with these 7 arrests is a sign that repression is growing. What they want is to terrorize us, but we will not be afraid of any cops or any state.
 Open assembly of squats,collectives,internationalists,refugees and solidarians. the greek text in indymedia

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