On 12/7, the anarchists Xristoforos Kortesis and Thimios A. attempted to remove some products of little worth from the Leroy Merlin store in Peiraios Street, in Athens. Through a complex manipulation on behalf of the OVIT security company and Leroy Merlin, and while they were both held hostage inside the store for 3 hours, an organized attempt took place to involve in the incident, the employee and a fighting trade unionist, Giannis A. The judicial authorities took advantage of the occasion to payback to C. Kortesis, his many years of consistent and persistent action in the anarchist movement. Bear in mind that the comrade has been held imprisoned since 16/7, on upgraded and constructed charges, under the terrorist law for robbery.
The same charges also hold for Thimios A. while the employee Giannis A. is  accused of being an accomplice. Pavlos X. who came to the Leroy Merlin store along with 3 more comrades in an act of solidarity is facing charges of criminal concealment.
The systematic incrementation of the prosecution and detention of the comrade
Christoforos Kortesis is due to his long-lasting political action in the anarchist movement, as well as to his previous conviction, under the accusation of participating in the organization Revolutionary Struggle (E.A.), upheld by a special political court inside the Koridallos prison. A repressive tactic that takes on idiosyncratic features when it comes to comrades in struggle, while law enforcement authorities are exerting all their rigour and legal arsenal on our fighting comrades in an exemplary way. On this specific occasion, the detention of Christoforos Kortesis is signalling a very clear and threatening message not only to the dozens of anarchist comrades that have been persecuted, imprisoned or released under restrictions, but also to all those that intend to be present and in solidarity in the social and class struggles.

Finally, this case is being exploited by the State to criminalize political and comradely relationships and acts of solidarity by labelling them criminal gangs and harbouring criminals, while the underlying thinking of the judicial mechanism is to stigmatize and criminalize the class of the poor.
The multinational company Leroy Merlin must assume responsibility for the case and detention of our comrade. It should be noted that on August 9th, one of the co-owners of the ADEO global multinational group that includes Leroy Merlin, Hugues Mulliez, killed two people with his speedboat, while seriously injuring a third person inside a boat, in Porto Heli outside Athens. Greek justice has assumed its responsibility by protecting a rich man and releasing him on bail of 50,000 euros with the obligation to present himself at the Greek Embassy in Paris once a month!
Over the last period, the Assembly has organized a series of meetings and interventions (in public places, in Leroy Merlin stores, at the headquarters of security company OVIT, in Piraeus Courts, at the Athens Law School that the prosecutor Aggeloudi attends), and has issued corresponding announcements and posters on the case. (
Along with actively highlighting the political spin of this case, the Assembly with the participation of persecuted comrades as well as imprisoned comrade K. Kortesis, is approaching the issue in its totality, by discussing all the implications of the case, such as the judicial procedural part and the financial support of the persecuted.
Comrade, K. Kortesis has been imprisoned in Koridallos prisons since 16/7, while in August the appeal against his detention was rejected. The Assembly has expressed its position and has taken a total stand against the persecution of comrades, the detention of comrade Kortesis, the framing of the prosecution, the cursory prosecution of Kortesis, and  the revealing rationale of his detention in a published text, ( while Kortesis himself published a political text this September, where he takes a total stance and expresses his position regarding the case (
In the following period the Assembly is planning to continue its diverse moves against State-prosecuting mechanisms and the Leroy Merlin-OVIT companies responsible for the prosecutions. On Tuesday 22/10 we held a gathering in the Piraeus courts where all the investigators and prosecutors involved in the case were present. (
We are making an open call for solidarity and action in every direction, inside and outside Greece. In the forthcoming period, we consider it critical that political initiatives be taken in other cities in Greece, as well as beyond the borders, initiatives that highlight the case and its political points, focusing on the immediate release of comrade K. Kortesis, while we also consider initiatives of financial support also appropriate.
Assembly of anarchist collectives, comrades and solidarities

Translation correct  in solidarity  by Act for freedom now!
more info for the case:  Athens, Greece: Information about the arrest anarchist Christophoros Kortesis and the case of Leroy Merlin shopping centre in Athens

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