Thessaloniki ,Greece: Taking Responsibility for the arson of a diplomatic vehicle on 31/10/19 by Arsonists of the Chile-Millenium

Social peace in Chile is now a thing of the past. And tolerance and consensus for State and capitalist barbarism also belongs to the past. Submission to the modern version of the Pinochet dictatorship, represented by the Piniera government. Chile is burning with the insurrectional proletarian flame of the oppressed.

It all started on October 19 when a student protest against an increase in public transport ticket prices was met with violent repression from the police forces. From then on, everything took its course. Day by day millions of insurgents flood the streets, attack the police forces, burn and plunder the symbols of wealth and power. They are burning their past, marching on the insurgent horizons of tomorrow. 11 years after the uprising in the Greek territories, these rebels remind us of what we loved most: the refusal to return to normality.

Insurrection is no longer a dead word. It is the dying breath of order and safety within a society that has been choking from the misery and barbarism of capitalism. And the result of the persistent labour of all those who work so consistently and stubbornly to question and destabilize the regime’s social consensus. Against the first retreat of the regime which hastily went to negotiations, proposing new, more favourable measures, the rebels respond without repentance: Tomorrow starts a new day of class war. Let’s take everything!

The Chilean uprising knows an unprecedented wave of repression years after the dictatorship of Pinochet. A state of emergency has been declared across the country with the army taking over order enforcement at the same time as the insurgents report dozens of killings by the State and its repressive forces while we are already counting over 7,000
arrests. There are countless allegations of torture of those arrested mostly rape attacks, sexual violation and sexual assaults.
At the same time there are hundreds injured by the riots and clashes that are increasing day by day. But stubbornly day by day the rebels are taking back their stolen space and time that was taken from them daily
until today.

Chile is now another flame in the international mosaic of insurrectional events taking place in different parts of the globe. These are not single events. The world is set aflame by our sparks. In Chile, in Ecuador against IMF austerity measures, in Iraq, Lebanon, Hong Kong to the Kurdish resistance and the revolutionary experiment of democratic confederation, the oppressed are looking for the drop that will overflow the cup. Let’s make the next step then collectively, passing from
regional uprisings to the global social and class revolution. We take  responsibility for the arson of a diplomat vehicle in Makrigianni street in Thessaloniki on Thursday morning, October 31, in the country-wide three-day solidarity call with the Chilean rebels.

We send our fiery solidarity to the rebel consciousnesses of Chile and all around the globe.

Our days have already come..

Arsonists of the Chile-Millenium

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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