Piacenza, Italy – Greetings to Nat

We are publishing news we have received of greetings outside the prison of Piacenza at the beginning of October. According the local press, a group of anarchists in solidarity appeared at the edge of the ring road.
According to the article:
‘Chanting “Natascia libera” [free Natasha] and numerous insults against the forces of order, they set off fireworks and firecrackers in the direction of the prison wall. The guards immediately called for back-up, and police patrol cars, carabinieri Radio-mobile and even finance police turned up. Upon their arrival some demonstrators escaped on foot, while others continued the protest outside the gate of the Novate prison, where graffiti had already appeared some days before demanding the release of the 35-year-old. The officials controlled the remaining demonstrators, about a dozen and almost all of them already known to the police.’
Translated by act for freedom now!

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