Verona, Italia : A day of solidarity against yet another request for special surveillance (16/11/2019)

On Monday 30th September a hearing was held at the court of Venice to decide re application of a special surveillance order against me requested by the police of Verona.
I’m Peppe, I’ve been living with my comrade in a small town in the province of Verona for some years.
I never failed to attract the attention of cops and judges in years of struggle alongside comrades from various Italian cities, but since I started living in this area, they seem to love me more than ever, as shown by bits and pieces of ordinary repression which we have written about in recent years and others less ordinary which we also recounted in person.   
After nearly a year under special surveillance spent in the country far away from everything (January-December 2019), when I could finally go back to having a social life, take part in initiatives and meetings.. when I have a professional qualification obtained with great difficulty and a certificate giving the go-ahead for a driving licence for 10 years, I could  move around autonomously and get to the end of the month (alas yes! We’re talking about work…), an expulsion order arrives from Verona (April 2019 – notified along with another from Turin due to my participation in a demo in solidarity with the Asilo).
All this prevents me from getting to most places of work… then an order from the prefecture arrives, blocking my driving licence.

My comrade’s licence cannot be renewed when it expires in September either because of test results showing traces of substances not consumed (something that had occurred  before the last surveillance order… but maybe we are just the usual paranoid). 
Less than a month after notification of the expulsion order, a new request for special surveillance arrives, this time for 5 years! 
This request is not justified by any recent event, but in addition to the usual story of my social dangerousness and a detailed thirty-page psycho-social dossier, comes the motivation that I don’t have a job, so I must be living off illegal earnings. 
The same old dog chasing its tail…
But why do they keep getting at one person? Someone said this happens when you do bullshit… we, who are the ones concerned, think that, on the contrary, there’s no smoke without fire. Perhaps an individual with a certain past behind them far from citizenist dynamics, a potential element of disturbance to the status quo endorsed by the police, is to be controlled, repressed, isolated and hampered in every aspect of their life until all they desire is to leave. We won’t list specific facts or police reports because it’s boring and repetitive… after all we’re dealing with apparatuses full of skills and influences but little imagination.
We take this opportunity to thank the comrades who have shown us solidarity over the years and those who (we hope) won’t fail to do so in the days to come, to us and anyone  finding themself in a similar situation.
Beyond personal sympathies, we realize that the exacerbation of repression is a question that strikes many of us, some more than others, and concerns everyone… we anarchists and anyone who doesn’t want to come to terms with the existent. We are at a time when the level of social conflict is extremely low but it’s obvious to everybody that the pot is full to overflowing and something is about to explode. For this reason the State is covering its ass by getting its hands on those who have always stoked the fires of revolt. In recent months we have suffered many attacks: investigations, evictions, arrests with others pre-announced, especially (but not only) against the individualities, actions and situations that power has decided must serve as an example.
Solidarity really bugs them and it’s being repressed more and more, but it’s a weapon they can’t take away from us. And above all each one can put it in practise as they think best … by creating networks, opening up cracks, sabotaging some little part of the infernal machine that oppresses us and denying sleep to those who have taken it from us.
Each to their own: there’s no lack of choice.
Perhaps we’ll never win, but we’ll fight to the bitter end!
We still don’t know the outcome of the hearing but we don’t care, we’d like to share a day of solidarity with lots of comrades in the village where we live.
We’re waiting for you, many and noisy, at Cerro Veronese from Friday 15th November for those who want to get to know the place and lend a hand… 
Saturday 16th November at 1pm: benefit lunch
Followed by talks and a barbaric descent upon the town for an indecorous distribution of leaflets.
In the afternoon punk hc gigs in the barn.
Masses of food and drinks like there was no tomorrow
Followed by: DJ sets, some real trash and then whatever we like.
There’s some sleeping space (bring mattress and sleeping bag) but a tent might be useful…
No fash, no cops, no sexists, no twisted, no paparazzi.
Yes dogs, if cat-friendly.
It will all be a benefit Divine, Nat and the comrades arrested for the demo of 9th February in Turin’s trial expenses. 
Translated by act for freedom now!

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