Italy,Milan : Sunday November 10 , discussion about the prisoners in the Chilean prisons

“Discussion about anarchist prisoner comrades in the Chilean prisons”
“We are everywhere, we exist as a reality of human beings who refuse to take orders, denying any control over our hearts and conscience, fighting a just struggle that is capable of facing years of prison, clandestinity and death, surviving with the pride and dignity of those who love freedom and want to live in the wonderful cauldron of Anarchy.” Letter from Marcello to Juan.
There are anarchist and libertarian comrades locked up in the high security prison of Santiago.
Some of them, nearing the end of their incarceration, risk seeing their detention prolonged because of the DL 321 of February 2019, a retro-active law which reviews the calculation of days of conditional and good conduct and against which many appeals have been made.
These comrades face their imprisonment by continuing to struggle, reiterating their position of rupture and the will to attack the State and capital, conversing with the comrades outside and inside the prisons in Chile and the rest of the world in an internationalist perspective of solidarity and the choice of never stooping to compromise with power.
The Internationalist Network of Political Prisoners is organising in solidarity with these prisoners, in particular with Juan A. and Marcelo V.
We will be with the comrades of the network to talk about the situation of the anarchist and libertarian prisoners in the Chilean prisons, with a look at what is currently happening in that country.
Sunday November 10 – 2pm at Ⓐccerchiata, Piazza Emilio Alfieri 1, Milan
Translated by Act for fredom now!

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