Blue like an orange – TomJo & PMO 17th September 2019

Rough Italian translation; original in French: piecesetmaindoeuvre.
Blue as an orange
17 September 2019 by TomJo & Pièces et main d’œuvre
It’s not every day that we make an exceptional discovery. We went to investigate to the country of artificiality – itself artificial – in other words the Netherlands. A vague touching country, which swallowed up as far as Artois, almost in Picardie, and spread its tentacles all over the world.  We had some clues and motivations, the polders, lands conquered throughout the centuries on the sea; the construction of stables and pigstylum in the buildings of Amsterdam; the development of the famous ‘artificial steak’ at the University of Maastricht; the proliferation of Center Parcs, these landscape bubbles for holidaymakers in the cities; en vrac, randomly (Dutch word), windmills, canals, tents in the Flanders… clichés, that’s it. And then we went from surprise to surprise, to the point that we could not name this succession of surprises other than with the term orangisation. This is the privilege of ignorance. Those who know nothing believe they have discovered the moon each time they open a door. However, the scattered knowledge we looted as general practitioners – historians, economists, a philosopher…  – doesn’t express, or expresses little, the overall vision of this orangisation which remains buried under a huge Anglo-Saxon cliché.
Every time we dig under the United States and the United Kingdom, we exhume the United Provinces: the first (bourgeois) republic in Europe, the first agricultural revolution, the first industry, the ‘capitalist nation par excellence (Marx), a global commercial and maritime empire, from the Americas to South Africa’, from the West Indies to Indonesia. A country which in the golden age served as an economic model to Richelieu, Colbert and Europe; as political model to John Locke and England – to the point of overthrowing their own king James II in favour of the stadholder William III of Orange, who disembarked at the head of a ‘liberation’ army. From that moment Orangism spread, especially under the British and then the American flag.

Not only the theoreticians who think of economic and philosophical liberalism (Grotius, Mandeville), but engineers, entrepreneurs who found the Bank of England and New Amsterdam (New York) and export their scientific and technological networks to the entire world.
Orangisation/organisation. A small, muddy and overpopulated country, a vast urban agglomeration in a perpetual state of natural disaster which with its industry transformed this catastrophe into a prosperous enterprise, obviously has solutions to sell to the entire world when the sky collapses and the water starts rising. Floating cities, for example. Orangism is a rational organization, contractual citizenship, practical efficiency and the indifference of the market. The centre of ‘free and genteel commerce’, of the free press and free conscience (Erasmus), a paradise for dissidents (Huguenots) and the seat of the Enlightenment (Diderot, Montesquieu), it manages the  functional cohabitation of its communities and feeds Descartes’ rationalism as well as Saint-Simon’s industrialism  and Renan’s plebiscitary nationalism.
It’s also in Amsterdam, this intelligent city treaded by benevolent cyclists nourished with biological vegetables from urban kitchen gardens, that today the readers of World and Télérama look for the rules and good practices of cohabitation (of good-living-together). Ecologists and technologists connect to one another and interbreed in their collaborative spaces. Nederland Inc. is an open progressive society, where affable and innovative doctors carry out research on genetically modified embryos, sale and implantation of gametes and assisted suicide, even for adolescents. Everything is sold, everything is purchased.
Everything technically possible is realized; everything that is not yet, soon will be. When queen Maxima inaugurated the first European branch of the Singularity University in 2016, in Eindhoven, at the same time the trans-humanists benefited from a network of local sympathizers in a favourable environment, with the aim of conquering Europe – and a return to the origins. In the land of the artificial, from where it spread some centuries ago, this vast project of skilfulness and creative destruction of nature. If the world is blue like an orange, if it is rotting and suffocating from chemical poisoning, forcing its inhabitants to become artificial in order to survive, the Netherlands were the first to allow this movement of total technical becoming, and its morbid miasma. The Netherlands are the model and matrix of Silicon Valley and all the Silicon Valleys in the world.
It’s sad to say, but for us it was a visit that was as exciting as it was frightening. It’s not every day that you happen to discover the laboratory of the industrial hexagon.
TomJo / Pièces et main d’œuvre
Lille, Grenoble
September 2019
Document in pdf: blu arancia – PMO [Italian]
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Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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