Italy : Blue like an orange

‘Blue like an orange’ from TomJo & Pièces et main d’œuvre
[…] As the world is blue like an orange, as it’s rotting and suffocating because of chemical poisoning, forcing its inhabitants to become artificial in order to survive, the first Netherlands allowed this movement of total technical becoming, and its sickly miasmas. The Netherlands are the model and matrix of Silicon Valley and all the Silicon Valleys all over the world […] Continue reading:  in Italian
30th November 6pm at Libreria delle donne in Milan, presentation of the book Meccanici i miei occhi. Nati in laboratorio. Dall’utero in affitto alla manipolazione genetica [Mechanic my eyes, Born in a lab. From surrogate uterus to genetic manipulation]. We’ll discuss it with the authors Cristiana Pivetti and Silvia Guerini. Continue reading in italian :
Paradoxes of identity politics. Continue reading in italian :

Green New Deal and State environmentalism: the trap of sustainability. Continue reading italian:
Singularity University Summit
Trans-humanism is already here
[…] ‘Perfect health’, ‘perfect’ child, a constant adaptation to a technical world, from pre-implant diagnosis to regenerative medicine, this represents not only a medicalization that extends to each stage of life, but also the infinite power of techno-sciences for a constant overcoming of the limits within which it’s precisely the human body to constitute a limit for full perfection-ability […] Continue reading in italian :
Contributions on trans-humanism to Radio Cane
Photos of the gathering at Singularity Summit in Milan, 8th October

via: resistenzealnanomondo.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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