Chile : Communique from comradeMarcelo Villaroel Sepulveda (24/10/2019)

Communique of comrade Marcelo Villaroel Sepulveda
May everything be done
so that this world continues to burn
so that all its normality explodes
so that memory and resistance
keep the control of the streets
I am happy to meet the faces of all my fallen brothers and sisters again in the beautiful fire of revolt.
All those that I have known and with whom I lived moments of illegal sharing throughout the days and years of subversion, who today are looking at the total transgression of normality and social peace of the rich, from the universe and the stars, with their thrust of strength of the ancestral newen del mapu.
Likewise I see all the comrades I don’t know but respect for their acts and insistence, who are acting in such a way that their names will remain marked in the recent memory of permanent Insurrection.  The police, the politicians, the priests, the bosses, the bourgeois, the nazis and the fascists, the bastards and all their morality have been struck once again since last 18th October, incessantly, as undeniable revenge for the many years of misery and submission at a time without precedent in the history of the last 30 years in this territory.

Here the overflow and total rupture with all that authority represents is the practice that has continued since that Friday of fire in which, starting from the refusal to pay for the metro tickets, we moved on to burning and looting our whole country.
We are thousands all over Chile, although obviously with different perspectives and motivations.
The immensity of this historical avalanche is a fact and is perhaps one of the happiest of our days of imprisonment.
Contradiction is inevitable but real: imprisoned but happy because we are in the streets in any act of sabotage, anger, plotting, vengeance and illegality, as we live this unique experience we were able to bring to light with silent and constant days, months, years of conspiracy along with all those we know, of distinct generations that today we know are in the streets in action.
Because we will never fall, because we always hope for that moment to prolong our war against the present, because a thousand times we have dreamt it and intimately wildly desire it: over the days the country of the powerful began to shake with the uncontrolled fury of the oppressed and exploited who are taking back their lives through the dignity that has begun to be a common feeling, daily behaviour and action of many.
Once again fucking power has had to send its professional assassins into the streets… no, no, no, it’s not Iraq, Haiti or the Balkans: it is Chile in October 2019.
Twenty thousand soldiers of the bloody and cowardly army of Chile and various police forces (in their two variations) are in the streets and have begun the inevitable massacre.
Before the eyes of the world they are abusing and raping women, torturing, murdering, causing fires and looting so as to justify the social need for their presence, beating and attacking at close range both those fighting and the non-mobilised population.
It is the only answer they have to offer, which we must contemplate remembering the historical experience during the counter-insurrection when they played the role of guarantors of law and order, the ultimate result of their putrid homeland.
In one way or another the extension and radicalization of the behaviour of the Revolt is taking forms that have the characteristics of a real transversal urban guerrilla which has definite targets that must be struck.
It is in this experience that learning is allowing both the finding of new paths and at the same time is highlighting our chronic weaknesses… it is the chance to give continuity to antagonist practices of attack and to make them become the normality of everyday life, thus elevating our gaze as well as the potentialities of the antiauthoritarian struggle. The moment demands it; the whole experience of yesterday and today serves us as theoretical-practical arsenal to continue our subversive practice until we are all free.
No one knows how long this chaotic moment of disorder will last.
Almost the whole country is still under a state of emergency and curfew.
Meanwhile we in prison know no more or less than those in the streets. One thing clear is that we are hostages of the State and capital and today our lives are conditioned by those who are keeping us imprisoned with their judicial stratagems aimed at prolonging our imprisonment.
But with strength and much happiness I can say I see myself in every barricade, every looting, shouting our fallen comrades’ names, starting fires, setting the kutral (Mapuche word for ‘fire’) of revenge, resisting and attacking the oppressors, taking back what we need, forging relations of complicity with all those who don’t stop.
These are times of struggle and convictions in which to raise our levels for the combat, taking all precautions.
With firmness and confidence, with equilibrium and temperament, with all the strength of our insurrectional convictions.
A beautiful moment to continue along the path calling to the Social War.
From prison, clenched fist high,
Prisoners free immediately: streets for the insurrection!!
Against the State, prison and capital: Social War!!
For as long as there is misery there will be rebellion!
Marcelo Villaroel Sepulveda
Libertarian prisoner
24th October 2019
Maximum Security Prison, Santiago of Chile
via: insuscettibilediravvedimento
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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