Greece Chania, Crete: Antifascist intervention on 25/10/2019 for the recent racist attacks

Following the call for anti-fascist action after recent racist attacks in Chania, a poster and counter-information campaign was arranged and carried out on Friday 25/10 by about 30-40 comrades in one of the neighbourhoods where most of the attacks took place. The intervention took place without any problems, slogans were written and several texts were  distributed to the locals.
The text handed out:
”Fascist scum act only at night time
Recently in Chania there have been at least five confirmed attacks on individuals or groups of immigrants. In one case the victims were immigrants sleeping outside a deserted building in Koum Kape. This followed on from their removal from that house where they had found temporary shelter, at the request of the owner and with the assistance of the police. As in the other cases they were attacked by people with baseball bats and sticks aboard a car without number plates. The same days in Kokkino Metochi, in at least three cases and very early in the morning, people going to their jobs were attacked and injured as a result.
Such incidents come as a continuation of the State’s strategy of managing immigration in recent years, and also of the increasingly intensified repression and discrimination. Continuing the work of SYRIZA, who on the pretext of “criminalization” applied the doctrine of “law and order” to pretentiously and shamelessly illegalize the immigrants themselves. The State mechanism provides inhuman living conditions in concentration camps and violent evictions of migrant squats. At the same time gangs of fascists and State personnel, often acting under police protection, are attacking immigrants, often inflicting serious injuries on them. The most prominent role in this “theatre of the irrational” is played by all kinds of media posting daily racist rants maintaining an atmosphere of fear and panic to finally pave the way for repression and violence against them.

In recent months alone and as a result of suffocating conditions five people have lost their lives in the camps. On 29/9 a woman and two children lost their lives in a fire which broke out in the Moria concentration camp in Lesvos. Indicatively, 14,000 people are stuck in that camp, while the infrastructure was intended for 3,000. Immediately the media pulled out reports and instead of focusing on the deaths of the three people and those really guilty, they put the blame on all the immigrants who were rebelling and trying to be saved. So both the media and the government promotes racism and xenophobia to gain acceptance for practices that cause thousands of drownings in the Greek seas and the deaths of many immigrants inside and outside the concentration camps.
Although the Golden Dawn is on trial and out of parliament, we have no illusions that its intolerant and fascist rhetoric has stopped being expressed by the current government. On the occasion of last year’s nationalist protests in which they rallied and,  relying on upgraded State repression, all kinds of fascists felt safe to appear more comfortably in the street but also to promote their public propaganda once again, spilling out their racist poison. At this point, it is even more urgent to effectively answer any racist and xenophobic behaviour in Chania and everywhere. Let us build barricades against the fascist advance by building relations of solidarity with immigrants.
Once more they’ll find us opposing them”
Comrade initiative from the anarchist/antiauthoritarian space of Chania
via: mpalothia
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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