Athens, Greece: Responsibility claim for the attack against DIAS forces and MAT van in Exarchia

In the night of Thursday 7th of November 2019, we chose to attack the riot-police (MAT) van, parked in front of the KINAL (ex PASOK political party) offices, and the motorcycle-police (DIAS forces) accompanying them during their shift-change. Our choice was totally targeted.
At a time when the government of New Democracy has unleashed a man-hunt against anyone who fights, at a time of evicting migrant’s and political-social spaces of struggle, at a time of the concrete abolition of the university’s asylum and the invasion of MAT and OPKE cops into the universities – at this time we chose to ambush the scum of the MAT and the lackeys of the DIAS forces and attack them from both sides with incendiary devices, destroying their motorbikes, injuring three of them, and simultaneously trying to burn the van parked on Eressou street.
This action took place inside the area of Exarchia so as to make clear that the continuation of the State’s repressive policy’s aggravation will receive equivalent answers. The result of our action just confirmed the validity of our act to – successfully – fight against the torturers of the Greek police: their random prosecutions, their attempts to invade the café on the square, their torture of combatants, their filling the neighbourhood with tear-gas.

The police showed its real face once again, when a few militants – with improvised means of struggle – attacked the fully-armed guards of order and succeeded in crushing their pervasive sense of omnipotence in this area. Recalling also that the “surgical” police operations of M.Chrisochoidis are carried out with no anaesthetic, when they have to cope with the resistance which shames repression and measures its limits. And, finally, reminding that, without combative reflexes and intensification of social-class resistance, it is sure that these repressive operations will succeed in numbing and paralyzing the movement, which will get used to the repression, internalising fear and relinquishment.
The attack against the movement is an integral part of a wider attack against the rights acquired at the cost and with the self-sacrifice of the combative society. The supposed passage towards capitalist development, as a last effort of the system to handle the deep structural crisis of Capital, assigns the higher accumulation of wealth into the hands of the rich, the deepening of exploitation against the poor, the re-allocation of poverty and begging, the intensification of precarious, underpaid and undervalued work.
That’s why capitalism is constantly upgrading its repressive arsenal. That’s why it is strengthening its laws against the insurrection that will, necessarily, break out over the coming years in Greece too. That’s why it is rashly and rabidly attacking the structures and the people in struggle, treating the movement as a “criminal association” which must immediately be eradicated.
If we want to block the preventive strategy of counter-insurgency we must raise the wall of the movement’s self-defence and the social-class counter-violence against it.
PS.: Strength to anarchist comrade V. Stathopoulos, who was imprisoned after the massive repressive operation concerted by the scum of anti-terrorist police on the 8th and 9th of November 2019.
Translation correct  in solidarity  by Act for freedom now!
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